Brooklyn Beckham on cooking for his family and fiancée – and his new food show

Like many of us last year, when the first lockdowns began around the world, Brooklyn Beckham found himself rolling up his sleeves in the kitchen. “Quarantine hit, and I cooked every day, just enjoying it,” Beckham recalls. But it wasn’t until this summer that he began taking things to the next level, with a little help from his fiancée, Nicola Peltz. “Nicola started shooting the video for me, I started posting it, and people started really liking it,” he says. “And then I was like, you know, I can actually make something out of this. I’ve never enjoyed doing something like that as much as I do.”

Results? A new weekly eight-episode cooking program, cokin with brooklyn, Launching tomorrow on Watch Together via Messenger, the photographer and model will meet a number of celebrity chefs – including Nobu Matsuhisa, Adam Perry Lang, Nancy Silverton and Roy Choi – before taking inspiration from the dishes they prepare together to serve up a feast for a select group of friends and dignitaries Likes her. (Not surprisingly, one of those includes Peltz; “her idea was actually to start a cooking show,” he adds.

“I am so honored to be able to reach the people I have,” Beckham says. “Nancy Silverton is one of my favorite chefs, one of my biggest inspirations, and she taught me how to make a raspberry tart. This is the path for me and I hope to become a great chef someday.” Still, it’s clear that Beckham has a lot of tricks up his sleeve already. In an exclusive video for Vogue magazine, He prepares a meal for blues from fresh tagliatelle at the wheel (To put it a little less tender, the pasta is rolled around a giant cheese wheel) with a side of lemon broccolini and a dessert of pecan pie.

While Beckham was initially known as the offspring of Victoria and David Beckham, he has come fully into the spotlight as a photographer, publishing his first book with Rizzoli in 2017 and launching a fragrance campaign for Burberry. But as he describes it, his well-traveled childhood sparked a lifelong passion for food as well. “I was always trying new things and testing my taste buds,” he says. “Since I was really young, I’ve been very fortunate and able to travel a lot, so I really tried all different types of food from different places and different regions. I mean, I’m a bit shy person, so sometimes I have trouble expressing myself to people or talking to people, But cooking really helps you connect with people anywhere.”

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