Broom, Ocean Rose, Salmon and Green Asparagus Rice, Prepared by Chef Sylvia Brevard

Wine: Domaine de Laballe – Brume Rosé 2021

IGP Cotes de Gascon – South West
Price: 7 euros

The history of the Laudet family was written between land and ocean, and Armagnac and wine. After doing business in the West Indies selling spices, Jean-Dominique Laudy decided to take root in Armagnac, to produce the oldest alcohol in France. Roots he has passed on to his family since 1820, in the Laballe estate, eight generations of the Laudet family have succeeded each other, and have worked with the same conviction to keep the richness of this family heritage alive. On this estate on the border of Landes and Gers, not far from the Atlantic Ocean, stretch 17 hectares of this rare earth typical of the Bas-Armagnac, called sables fauves. This soil enriched with iron oxide is known to bring certain minerals to the Armagnacs and Domaine de Laballe was the first to make wine in the same land. If the heart of the estate is in the Armagnacs, then the wines are not left out and give pride of place to southern grape varieties. This pink mist, with apricot robe, born of a happy marriage between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, scented with an enchanting bouquet of blue iris and fresh black grapes, offers a mouth as greedy as saliva, signed with this metallic finish that rises like sea mist on the horizon. Perfect to marry wild trout and (finally) open the season for summer dishes.

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Recipe: Sylvia Brevard’s Green Asparagus Trout

Chef Sylvia Brevard’s kitchen is also inspired by family heritage. At her Chez Marie-Jo restaurant located in Fillinges in Haute-Savoie, she honors her mother, her sense of sharing and hospitality with a friend’s table hosted in the heart of the family’s old home. Here, produce from the beautiful Savoyard region is in the spotlight: fish from Lake Geneva, local cold cuts and cheese adorn the restaurant’s generous plates. The chef offers us her recipe for Lake Geneva trout and green asparagus, to be prepared in no time at home and served like a mist of roses to wow the fair.

Discover here the ingredients to put in your shopping bag and the complete recipe for Trout and Green Asparagus by Sylvia Brevard.

For sweetening, to finish your drink: red fruit salad and black currant syrup

Red fruit salad and black currant sorbetSalad for dessert? Yes, but the red fruits are to celebrate the season opening, and pull the last sips of this cut rose definitely for summer.

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