Cabestany / “Culinario”: a training center for individuals and professionals in the kitchen hoping to make a recipe!

The idea is undoubtedly innovative. It is also a challenge to its designer, David Vogelmanager and coach cooking *a specialist in training and consulting SAS-DBD, is certainly not a novice in the kitchen as he has worked especially in the most beautiful businesses in Argelès-sur-Mer and on the Vermeille coast

Certainly, there are already culinary academies, hotel schools, individual classes, seminars, and more recently with the spread of the web we are even witnessing the birth (recognition) of an army of social media influencers, specialists in cooking classes, etc. -etc. But bringing together amateurs and professionals in the same space, during cooking workshops for all ages and all levels, the approach is new, in Roussillon anyway.

“We are awaiting approval to also be a center for train-the-trainers (catering and early childhood),” David Vogel is excited. Learn or improve in the kitchen? Our culinary workshops are directed by chefs who specialize in the chosen topic. Everyone can reproduce the recipes in conjunction with the chef who will guide you to the end result. And to end this culinary journey in style: it’s time to savor your preparations! ».

cooking It opened its doors less than a month ago. “vegetarian kitchen”And the “Sushi and Maki”And the “Kating Hamm”And the The Jane Tonic… The workshops follow each other (photo below) and fill in, although it is word of mouth that spreads the information.

Another special feature: Culinary game

” This is itDavid Vogel confirms, The perfect, ideal game, to share with employees of a company in the hotel and restaurant sector, but not only !, as well as with friends or family, a fun and special moment in a good mood. The liking of each participant in the Bush in order to determine the level of each. Our coach analyzes, judges and results in order to select the captains. The roster is created in advance, two teams are drawn by lot, run times are calculated…and go! Once the dishes are prepared, they are evaluated and graded in order to choose the best design. With Culinario, no loser! At the end of the battles, preparations are consumed in the loyalty of the participants ».

The cooking game ** It is designed for groups of six participants. Maximum capacity: ten people.

With regard to areas of work cooking : “Catering training to develop professional skills – knife-cutting pork, tapas, pintxos, management, vacuum packing, etc. – as well as food hygiene with approval and operating permit (soon); personnel cooking workshop. Preparation of audits and business advice (catering) ); Health, Hygiene, Compliance and Management Control Plan (…). Apprenticeship is the next step, in September, if all goes well”.


* Cooking: 3, rue Albert Einstein 66330 Cabestany (Mas Guérido).

** Cooking game: Reservation by calling 04 68 22 18 22/06 59 26 78 56/06 44 81 70 82.

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