Cardinal Simraro: simplicity and purity of the heart, a recipe for holiness

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints looks back at the journeys of the Ten Blessed Ones who will be canonized in Rome on Sunday 15 May by Pope Francis.

Eugenio Bonanata – Vatican City

What do the ten future saints who will be canonized by the Supreme Pontiff on Sunday 15 May tell us? “Each of them is a reflection of the face of Christ”, Cardinal Marcello Simraro, Dean of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, answers in an interview with the Italian TV channel Telepace. They all lived at different times and in different geographical areas, but there is one common thread of holiness, the Italian cardinal reminds us of the words of Benedict XVI: “It’s always the response to Jesus, it happens at different times and in different ways.” Among these future saints, social conditions are diverse. Some had hidden lives, others were better known in their era. this means “The call to holiness is not moved by screaming or strength, but by the simplicity and purity of the heart that the Beatitudes speak of.”

God’s people call

“Holiness, Cardinal Simraro continuesIt is what grows in the church grounds, not crowned from above. I realized this when I went to certain churches to preside over the beatification rites in the name of the Holy Father.. Therefore, sanctifying Sunday is a true expression of faith rooted in the local dimension.

It is also the culmination of a long process undertaken by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. A course based primarily on listening to testimonies, with the aim of verifying the reputation of holiness. This idea should not be confused with publicity or fame, characteristics of those who benefit, for example, from exposure in the media and then suddenly disappear. “exactly the contrary, The Italian Cardinal identifiesit is necessary to distinguish also by noting whether there is a response developing around these numbers on the part of the people of God, in terms of prayers and requests for intercession, which are often spontaneous and unpredictable.”

Everything is ready to celebrate

The governor is finally back to mobilizing resources and the Vatican staff is busy finishing the installation of the altar and arranging the chairs in the front yard. “Even from a logistical point of view, these events require a lot of effort for the Holy See,” Announces. Cardinal Simraro explains, also referring to the beatification of John Paul I on September 4“It has not yet been decided whether the celebration will take place in the basilica or in the square.”. This close collaborator with Pope Francis concludes the interview by assuring that the sanitary conditions of the Great Pontiff “Okay, you just have to hear him speak: he always has the same vitality, as he also demonstrates during the hearings. We hope that his physical difficulties will soon be overcome. But, joking a bit, I say that to recover from a knee problem, you must be still. And it’s a bit difficult to keep the pope still.”


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