Carl and Oikos unveil poutziki, the perfect combination

campaign for OikosImagine it, the creative agency Karlpresents a new cooking and advertising recipe to touch the delicate strings of Quebecers.

Launched on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, the campaign on Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook includes creators and foodie Rosalie Lessard And the Chloe Deblois It stands out by activating influence and partnership with Ricardowho created his own copy and shared it on various social media (Instagram, TikTok and Facebook).

“By combining two authentic recipes to create a fusion of cuisines and cultures, this activation perfectly captures the DNA ofOikos‘, he explains clouds of laforceSenior Brand Manager at Danone.

The goal is to show that fun in the kitchen is within everyone’s reach (from forks), the agency Karl I envisioned a video recipe with a colorful, fun, and explosive character that ignores traditional codes, even skips steps and preparation times.

a Putzikit With all ingredients to make your own Potzicki At home, in addition to a T-shirt I have tasted poutzikiwas also sent to dozens of professional influencers and content creators.

“It was just the creation of the word ‘poutziki’ in Portmanto that ignited the campaign,” he explains Julian MarchandCopywriter at Karl. But after testing the recipe as a team we knew we had something beyond the name. Attractive. Something that was going to get people talking and make you want it.”

To date, the video recipe has collected more than 2 million views on various platforms.

While commercial Greek yogurt ads often evoke the Mediterranean lifestyle, Oikos Through this campaign, she was able to update her product and show how easy (and delicious) cooking with her products is.

oikos 6

client: Danone/Oikos – Guillaume LaForce, Stephanie Paul, Audrey Ann Fortier, Jed LaForce
creative direction: Jean Francois Moren
Counseling service: Joanie Cote and Johann Smith
strategy: Tune by Gagnon and Matthew Davio
Design edit: Julian Marchand
Technical guidance: Lisa Mubarakiya
Effect: Zanna Kabezudo, Anthony Mayo
Content creators: Alex Melki, Ann Tran, Emily Rossignol, Camellia Gil
Produce: Lawrence Davidson
Production Format: Estelle Biochmin
Movement and editing: Daphne Provencher
coloring: Edward Nyaminkum
D.O.P.: Bruno Destombies
electric head: Nicolas Lesage
Sound Engineer: By Stefan Caro and Nicholas Cyrus
audio mix: bakery studios
Moh: Nathan Arcambolt
Photography and food design: studio stop
The media: Wavemaker Canada


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