Caroline Lescon, the culinary stylist who simplifies the dishes in pictures

Compiégnoise Caroline Lesguillons gained notoriety online by posting photos of her homemade vegan dishes on Instagram. She released her first cookbook in September.

A plate, a beautiful presentation, a camera and a few finishing touches, this is Caroline Lesquín’s successful recipe for improving her dishes. This fine-grained hit surely wields one of the world’s most delectable professions: food design.

She shares photos and videos of her dishes on her Instagram account to a community of more than 40,000 subscribers, fascinated by the young woman’s sense of detail and subtlety. Unlike ordinary Internet users, she devotes a lot of time to presentation. “”For products, we try to choose the most beautiful and freshShe explains, adding:I think 50% edit and make recipesand 50% of the publishing part. Both are equally important. “

In fact, the dish and food are arranged in a calculated manner. spoons and forksDishes, cups and plates are meticulously selected. You should combine colors, shades and textures and make sure you get good lighting. Culinary design requires rigor and a lot of observation to show and taste dishes that combine taste and beauty.

However, Caroline Lesguillons weren’t always comfortable with food. On the contrary, she rejected it. In question, his battle against anorexia.

At one point in my life, that scared meas you say. When I fell into the cycle of anorexia, it seemed to me that one day it would be impossible to get out of it, even less than to get out of it and Fromto meI managed to live through something that scared me“.

What scares me the most today is what makes me happiest.

Caroline Lescon

Today, the food stylist has managed to allay her fears and outgrow the illness. “Finally, it isWhich also helped me recover“She sees this transformation as.”beautiful revenge” about life.

Thanks to her work, Caroline Lesguillons has managed to make a name for herself. Works with major brands of coffee or pasta or even in the Arcachon sink you’re taking photos of. In all this professionalism and creativity, you find time to implement other projects.

In September, she also released her first book of vegan recipes that she made on her own. “I made my own cookbook and was in charge of everythingas you say. I wasn’t offered to be another photographer, I know the publishing house wanted it to be me“.

At first hesitant, she embarked on the adventure, without losing her feet and always with great humility. “Impostor syndrome, we talk about it a lot with other colleagues, it’s not an easy environment, we often associate with everything it’s affected by and it’s totally frowned upon. “

We don’t influence, we do the photography, we do the design. I really want to put some distance between the two.

Despite her lack of professional training, she says to herself,SatisfiedFor all the work done so far. “There are those who say to themselves: They call themselves photographers. I don’t pretend that I am not.concluded. I haven’t done any studies on that. But I believe that by learning on the job, you can gain experience and gain experience“.

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