Our recipes to make you love winter vegetables

During raclette and savoyard fondue season, we often tend to overlook the winter vegetables. However, they are essential in this season to fill up with nutrients and boost our immune system. Rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and low in calories…there are many reasons to put it on your menu every day. Let yourself be guided … Read more

Recipes back from the market: ideas for mixing your fresh produce with St Morêt

Picardy’s Pride, beets are available in three chickpeas in soft and pastel colors thanks to their yellow, red and chiogia varieties. We first make a classic hummus base by mixing chickpeas, garlic, sesame paste, lemon juice, olive oil and cream cheese. The preparation is then divided into three and a variety of cooked beets are … Read more

New recipe for office gastronomy

The Caterer with Pleasures joins Ricardo, Joe Biff and Isabel Hoot Posted at 7:00 am Mark Tyson Journalism Caterer With Pleasures teams up with three celebrity chefs to bring gourmet cuisine to the office… powered by artificial intelligence. Ricardo and nutritionist Isabelle Huot and Frédéric Morin, of Joe Beef, have assembled David Carrier’s gourmet meal … Read more

Temporary prescription change and waivers related to the crisis in Ukraine

The War in Ukraine: Confronting Supply Tensions for Some Ingredients, labels will be placed on products whose recipe has been modified Temporarily configured to ensure the integrity of appropriate information about consumers In the face of supply tensions over some products used in food manufacturing, after consulting with consumer associations and companies, the General Administration … Read more

Recipe and tips for making it

originating BalkansThe moussaka It is a dish often found in Mediterranean countries. Typically made with eggplant, onions and tomatoes as a base, this dish has everything you love to enjoy a relaxing culinary moment. Usually, meat is added to garnish more and to please the taste buds. The problem is that this recipe often takes … Read more

How do you make a homemade pie?

A true institution for Italians, focaccia can be enjoyed in all regions of Italy and for any occasion. From Liguria, where I grew up, to Calabria, through Tuscany, it’s the country’s signature street food specialty. It is very similar to pizza dough, but differs in rest times and brine, which is based on water, oil, … Read more