Here is the recipe for Philip Continecini

It’s a Yule record that makes everyone agree without exception. The Continentine Grand Cru Vanilla Yule Log is the perfect dessert to end New Year’s Eve dinner in style. Because our stomachs are often so full after foie gras, poultry, roasted chestnuts, and a cheese platter, what could be more gourmet and lighter than wrapping … Read more

The first new recipe comes out of the Muslin factory in Picardy

Barely acquired by a French fund, the Rosières-en-Santerre factory is already producing a new recipe. Muslin wants to sign, fast and loud, his big comeback to the plates. The director of the Rosières-en-Santerre plant, Hisham El-Fadil, and Nicolas Frisch, the company’s director of marketing and export, on Tuesday, November 22, in front of them the … Read more

Pokemon scarlet and purple > shiny sandwich recipes

in Scarlet Pokemon And the Pokemon Purplesome of the sandwiches you can make will have the peculiarity of activating a file Hala Shinewhich is associated with a method Huge appearances You will have the chance to fall in shiny pokemon. However, to make this kind of sandwich, you will need Secret Spicewhich can be found … Read more

[Recette] Small birthday cake cookies, Hildegard style

Christmas Recipes by Laudato Si Throughout Advent, discover Laudato Si’s Christmas recipes created by Anne Moreau exclusively for RCF. Shortbread cookies, gingerbread, hot chocolate, and also seafood casserole and roasted guinea fowl… Every week, make healthy and flavourful recipes that respect the planet! Hildegard-style shortbread: a nod to Laudato C Today, we commemorate Saint Hildegard … Read more

How do you lose against Australia?

Photo Iconsport / Article created in partnership with Flink The Blues World Cup kicks off tonight against Australia and the stakes are already set to be decisive for Didier Deschamps’ men. Indeed, to succeed in rediscovering the delicious scent of glorious defeat and commemorating 2002, France will have to lose in style and this from … Read more

Hit the Strawberry and Glass Tart with Charles-Emmanuel Caudron

Chef Charles-Emmanuel Caudron offers a revisited strawberry tart recipe, which he garnishes with delicious glazed caramel. A treat for the taste buds who love the sweet and savory mix. In the Marina Saint-Valery-sur-Somme restaurant, in a charming setting, Chef Charles-Emmanuel Caudron offers simple and innovative cuisine. This proud ambassador of the sweet and savory has … Read more

3 convenient recipes to try right away!

These healthy, balanced fall recipes come in a variety of gourmet and convenience variations. Today, our editors reveal 3 complete fall dishes with mushrooms—the star food of the season that demands our special attention. So, which of our proposals would you prepare? Fall Whole Meals With Mushrooms: A Detox And Nutrition Bowl Once you’re done … Read more