Authentic chicken korma recipe

Want to try your hand at Indian cuisine? This chicken korma recipe is perfect to start with. Chicken biryani, samosas, butter chicken… Indian food didn’t finish making us happy, and it wasn’t chicken korma that would make us say otherwise. This dish, which consists of meat cooked in a creamy and spicy sauce, has no … Read more

Tax Control and Collection: More than 10 billion dirhams in additional revenues to the Tax Authority in 2021

The additional revenue that was mobilized under the amicable collection or after a forced collection was 10.59 billion dirhams in 2021, instead of 7.18 billion dirhams in 2020, an increase of 47.5%. The Directorate General of Taxation has just released its activity report for the fiscal year 2021.% compared to 2020, and it corresponds to … Read more

Cancellation of TV broadcasting license fees: What are the revenues collected from the used value-added tax?

Say goodbye to TV license fees! As part of the purchasing power law, MPs voted on Saturday, July 23 to repeal audiovisual licensing fees. This tax was introduced in the 1930s, making it possible to finance public television and radio stations. About three billion euros were collected in 2020 with fees. Ennahda MP Prisca Thévenot … Read more

How do you make homemade pita bread?

With so many countries bordering the Mediterranean, it is not surprising that we sometimes get lost in the origins of the dishes. It is thus difficult to determine the source of pita bread, also called “Greek bread”, “Lebanese bread” or even “Arabic bread”. Fortunately, his recipe is much simpler than his father’s. Only prerequisite, respect … Read more