McDonald’s launches a new flavor of McFlurry with pastries and chocolate!

Starting May 25, the fast food giant will be introducing an exclusive McFlurry recipe! We feel our taste buds will love this sweet and salty blend… McDonald’s will introduce new pastries and chocolate ice cream! Credit: iStock see also After making the controversial cilantro, this new ice cream flavor should have everyone’s approval. As you … Read more

Roman Gnocchi –

If, like us, you start mastering Italian by reading our list of your favorite Italian restaurants, you’ll understand that Gnocchi alla Romana It is typical of Romanian cuisine. And you can be proud of it. Unlike their cousins Gnocchi potatoes, Gnocchi alla Romana Prepared from milk, cheese, butter, eggs and fine wheat semolina. On the … Read more

Apple Chocolate Crumb Recipe

What mixture is more greedy than a mixture Chocolate apple ? This association offers us everything we love most, which is indulgence without guilt. We enjoy chocolate, and we have the impression that we are eating healthy thanks to apples. In short, they are the perfect marriage in a comforting dessert. And what could be … Read more

Vegetable Tien Recipe for Cyril Lignac

Lacking inspiration for your next meal? This Summer Vegetable Tien Recipe from Cyril Lignac might just satisfy you! The appetite sometimes drops when the summer heat arrives, but that’s no reason not to eat well! “With the sunrise at the moment, it is good to prepare dishes that are a little boiled, but in season, … Read more

Strawberry Tiramisu recipe from Cyril Lignac

Tiramisu is one of the best desserts in Italian cuisine. They are usually made with mascarpone and coffee-soaked biscuits cake recipe He has everything that tempts us. To change the pleasures, Chef Cyril Lignac has just revealed a strawberry tiramisu recipe, to add a light, fruity touch. Strawberry Tiramisu recipe from Cyril Lignac For this … Read more

How to make brioche without eggs?

In French toast, braided, plain, with chocolate chips or salty, brioche has many different shapes and tastes. For those who are allergic to eggs or those who are out of stock, here’s a brioche recipe without eggs. To read laterrescuedFollow #recipe#Recipe tracking The brioche recipe is rather basic : Flour, yeast, milk, butter, eggs, sugar. … Read more

100 recipes for a very tasty summer

New Kitchen Special Edition from Madame Figaro Madame Figaro Sharing, Conviviality, Vibrance of Life, Freshness, Authenticity…With 100 Generous and Seasonal Recipes, the new Kitchen Special Edition from Madame Figaro It is a gourmet bible for spring and summer. The sunny days have finally come! And with them, new desires: aperitif, reunion, fresher and more vegan … Read more

The not stupid question: Why is Welsh so called?

by Margot Nicodemi Posted in May 15 22 at 9:02 night news see my news Follow this media Why is it called Welsh? This is our not stupid question! (© Illustration/JB/Lille news) She entered the usual vocabulary, especially in northern France, which became one of her emblems. It’s about welshof course, this typical meal And … Read more