New Caledonia Recipe: Shrimp Blanket

What do the people of New Caledonia cook? An overview of recipes based on local products with the 100% digital “Bon Ap” series. It’s a simple, easy-to-make recipe brought to us by Manuel, and one that highlights our New Caledonian products, especially the New Caledonian shrimp. Manuel has the honor to introduce his own recipe … Read more

How do you make homemade tortillas?

At the base of the Mexican diet, there are tortillas. It would also be one of the oldest culinary preparations found in wheat.Traditionally, these pancakes were made with water and unprocessed corn. This process involved boiling the grains in lime water before rinsing them and then grinding them. The resulting dough was then divided into … Read more

Recipe: Barbecue: The Eight Commandments of the Breton Creator of Universal Brotherhood, you will follow

1 / Coal they distribute If Nicolas Mayo took a completely different professional turn after that (he is now in charge of the center of the French driving school in Guipavas, at the gates of Brest), his years in hotel school linked him to two basic principles: “heat control and seasoning”. Regarding the fire, the … Read more

The perfect cake recipe with hibiscus and strawberry jam from Deco Tartlet

Basim Deco tartlet on instagram, Cassie Winslow She unveils her second book of cake recipes (but not only) that specializes in flowers. in the new floral supplies Deco Tartelette fans will find floral tips and recipes just like in his first book, shedding flowers. With weddings and summer back, Cassie Winslow We end up sharing … Read more

“Queen Elizabeth’s Chicken”, a funny recipe created for Elizabeth II, which has become a classic

On the occasion of her coronation in 1953, a recipe was prepared for Queen Elizabeth II: “Queen Elizabeth’s chicken” or “coronation chicken” has become a classic in British gastronomy. Served as a takeaway in supermarkets, as a filling for sandwiches or available in many variations in cookbooks, ‘Chicken Coronation’ – or ‘Queen Elizabeth Chicken’ – … Read more