Recipes and decorating secrets from Miss Maggie’s Kitchen for a successful Thanksgiving!

On November 24, the United States, Canada and some Caribbean islands celebrate traditional Thanksgiving. A celebration of thanksgiving for last year’s harvest during which families gather around a good meal. While the event is increasingly popular in France, chef, author and author Héloïse Brion of Miss Maggie’s Kitchen Reveal her secrets and recipes for a … Read more

La Tambonese: Bed has the recipe

It is claimed that you can hit yourself harder than yourself once, but not twice. You can beat yourself twice, but not three times. Ah well, yes, we can. This year, in the Coupe de France, the Tamponnaise is this team that, at the end of each cross-round, leaves the opponent just as bitter. What … Read more

Easy Monday Recipe: Orzo Bolognese

Easy Monday recipe: Orzo Bolognese – Quick and easy recipe for your Lazy Monday! Because there’s nothing quite like eating a simple and delicious meal to start the week. Ingredients 500 grams of minced beef 1 small onion, peeled and chopped 1 c. olive oil 700 grams of passata tomatoes 2 tbsp. tablespoons Italian … Read more

How do you make Christmas candy?

Story of the christmas candy Or plum pudding (almost) that could be confused with UK. The British would have discovered it thanks to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Of German origin, he would make the court and his loyal subjects appreciate tree decorations and Christmas pudding! Could this Christmas fruit dessert be German? both! … Read more

The best deals on food processors

Nothing is easier than making a recipe using a food processor. Thanks to it, professionals as well as beginners can excel behind the stoves. On the occasion of Black Friday 2022, discover the best deals on food processors without further delay! The Black Friday Deals have already started! Some brands have decided to launch their … Read more

Training from high school for medical studies: Municipal prescription against medical deserts

Contrary to the forced proposals that multiply today to return doctors to the regions, the small rural town of Saint-Cyr has decided to bet on young people by creating a “healthy option” from high school in order to prepare student volunteers with a long term. studies that await them. By focusing on promoting scholarly teaching, … Read more

Recipe 15 aperitif recipe with quince

Quince is found in savory and sweet recipes to delight gourmets. Don’t leave him in the corner! For your cake recipes, bet on this often forgotten fruit for light and gourmet desserts. This fruit works just as well in pastries as it does in recipes for meats like chicken or pasta. It’s time to change … Read more