Diego Alari makes cooking accessible to everyone

Diego Alari is the most followed chef in the world since he has 2.5 million subscribers on TikTok. It was discovered and adopted by the French in 2020 during the show top chef Broadcasting on the M6. Restaurant Executive Chef Jean Imbert and Pharrell Williams created his solo concept with Wanderlust Restaurant. I just posted … Read more

bugne, waffle, auricle, our donut recipes

Mardi Gras. This Tuesday, March 1, 2021, we’re having a carnival donut. La recette varie selon nos régions : des bugnes à Lyon, des oreillettes en Provence, des ganses à Nice… Tour de France des recettes et pâte à beignet, mais aussi origine de la tradition, et pourquoi cette fête n’est pas un holiday. index … Read more

The original and super easy recipe for Cauliflower and Cheddar Gratin from Diego Alari

Social networks are full of original and tempting recipe ideas. Today it’s Diego Alari, the most-followed French chef on TikTok, to share his perfect gourmet recipe for the season: cauliflower with cheddar gratin. An original dish that will make everyone agree at home. Cauliflower is easy to cook and satisfying, and cauliflower calls itself into … Read more

Chefs in plagiarism

Posted in: 01/31/2022 – 13:28Modified : 01/31/2022 – 13:26 Washington (AFP) – One day while browsing a blog, American pastry chef Nick Malgerie came across a Panettone recipe. The author of the book emotionally recounts his “beautiful memories of Christmas with his Italian grandmother,” who prepared this brioche for him. “I started reading and said … Read more

Recipe 15 recipes with puff pastry for gourmets

Puff pastry can be cooked in many sweet and savory recipes. Stock up on delicious ideas! Good puff pastry dishes The most traditional recipes are enough to enjoy. Puff pastry is the basis of many classic recipes such as pancakes, quiches and galette des rois. We enjoy both summer and winter, they are reinventing themselves … Read more