4 gourmet ideas to diversify the menu this summer!

An aromatic plant peculiar to Mediterranean cuisine, basil adapts to all kinds of dishes, whether sweet or savory. If you’re having a hard time incorporating it into your menu, the editorial team has prepared 4-star recipes with basil for you to urgently test! Fresh basil recipes: an idea to prepare pesto without pine nuts in … Read more

How do you make Caesar salad?

Posted on Jun 17, 2022 at 2:11 pm We discovered the original Caesar salad recipe – © Westend61 / Getty Images With its unique sauce and hearty taste, the Caesar salad is definitely the queen of salads. Sorry to disappoint you, but Caesar’s power has absolutely nothing to do with the dynasty of the famous … Read more

What are the healthiest and most filling salad recipes?

Salad is one of the dishes we like to eat in the summer, especially in hot weather. If you eat it as a dish, it should consist of “half vegetables, a quarter of proteins and a quarter of starch,” reveals Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, Chef and Naturopath, “or three quarters of vegetables and then we choose between … Read more

Real raclette recipe

Reading time: 6 minutes Raclette has become a favorite dish of the French. This, however, points to a survey conducted by TF1 last December. But Frouzes, do you really know how to prepare it? To discover the secrets of the true raclette recipe, we decided to trust the Swiss people despite the defeat and more … Read more

The best fresh and gourmet recipes

If we had to go around the table, it would be a safe bet that all the people sitting at the table would insert files cherry clafoutis Like one of their favorite pastries. An unsurprising success, obviously given the many good points that have been accumulated by this ancestral dessert. Where do cherry clafoutis come … Read more

Homemade cleaner with orange peel

following don’t roarRejoice: there are many Waste-free and DIY recipes For a flawlessly clean home! This is especially the case with our recipe for, as amazing as it is natural, for dishwashing liquid with ivy, or our clever and quick recipes for making homemade laundry detergent. Why choose natural detergents? Quite simply because by looking … Read more