octopus skewer from paris forks

Prepare : 2 hours and 30 cooking : 2 hours 1 octopus weighing 3 kilograms, 2 whole eggplants, grilled over an open fire, with the peel Iranian haircuts Ingredients for 4 to 6 people: Eggplant cream : 2 tbsp. honey 1 c. crushed hot pepper 4 tablespoons. of raw tahini. Octopus : 3 sliced ​​lemons … Read more

Here’s Cyril Lignac’s Secret Ingredient to Sublimate Pumpkin and Change From Traditional Velouté

pumpkin? With its beautiful orange color and sweet chestnut flavor, it’s a fall staple. Traditionally, it is cooked in soups and flute, but it can also work wonders in many recipes. Nor would Cyril Linyak say otherwise. In his kitchen poster, he broadcasts every day in RTL morningIn this article, the chef revealed his amazing … Read more

14 Thai recipes other than Pad Thai

Thai gastronomy is greatly influenced by the cuisine of neighboring countries, and is distinguished in particular by a large number of dishes based on rice or fried noodles, traditionally accompanied by sauces. Like many cuisines in this region of the world, serving dishes plays an important role, and preparations are often decorated with raw vegetables … Read more

Make homemade cream with 4 beauty recipes

Benefits of making homemade hand cream Making hand cream only takes a few minutes. Making your own beauty products brings you many advantages. Based onMore environmental natural ingredientsThese products are also less expensive. Healthier beauty products for the skin of your hands The ingredients contained in synthetic cosmetics are not always good for the body. … Read more

Recipe. Bring back the fried potatoes

What’s the idea of ​​serving brussels cabbage in the canteen? Of course, children have to get used to their taste for all kinds of flavors. But Brussels sprouts… for years, schoolchildren have been worrying at noon. A taste of boundless bitterness, an aroma reminiscent of sports locker rooms after a rugby game on a rainy … Read more