Perfect healthy cake | Distinguished Biography

How about cake? They are all full of sugars, including homemade sugars. Did you notice the ‘S’ at the end of the word sugar – ‘sugar’ is plural because in cakes there are several types of sugar: flour, table sugar, and added ingredients like fruit, chocolate, honey, etc. However, these sugars severely increase glycemia (blood … Read more

Cannoli recipe by Cyril Lignac

Do you know cannoli? Born in the Caltanissetta region, this Sicilian pastry consists of a thin slice of crunchy dough rolled up and filled with a generous layer of ricotta cream. To sublimate them, just add powdered sugar and cinnamon, Chocolate powder Or pieces of caramel or candied fruit. for his boss Cyril Linnac“These pastries … Read more

Recipes for sweet appetizers that will make an impact

seasonal fruits parade After an aperitif based on petit fours, vines, and summer sauce, the dessert should be fresh and light. Fortunately, the solution is found in full, just bet on the summer fruits. Red fruits, apricots, peaches, watermelon … From June to August, these sun-kissed and vitamin-packed products are waiting to be prepared. Arrange … Read more

Rum Baba recipe

For a comforting dessert at the end of a meal, dare this soft dessert soaked in rum. To change the traditional chocolate cake or fruitcake, we present the recipe for you rum daddy. also called savarinThis rum-soaked pastry accompanies it regularly Soft whipped cream Based on candied fruit. Follow the recipe and enjoy. in the … Read more

Clafoutis Is it eaten with or without pits?

Clafoutis: Do you like it with or without digging? This is the controversy that took place at the beginning of the summer, opposing the purists of the traditional recipe for cherry lovers. We asked the question to two specialists. It’s on every table at the beginning of summer: Clafoutis delight young and old alike. Yet … Read more

Weight Watchers Recipes – Marie Claire

Healthy and healthy recipes do not necessarily harmonize with diet and boredom on the plate! Weight Watchers Thus WW offers nutritional programs designed to promote weight loss without deprivation. In addition to meetings and personal training, Weight Watchers also offersBalanced recipes and menus To eat better and healthier food. Weight Watchers, Tailored Balanced Recipes Inspired … Read more

A liquor recipe to rid the wine of the smoky taste

to me Many Bourjois know the taste of smoke well. As the Southern Hemisphere Technical and Commercial Director of the Institut Oenologique de Champagne (IOC), he tours the vineyards of Australia, South Africa and California, which are regularly affected by fires. “A significant part of the raw materials produced during the combustion of wood … Read more

The winning recipe from Clay and Friends

TADOUSSAC – Driven by the irresistible melody of move thank youClay and Friends group is gaining new followers every day. A favorite band on the festival circuit, namely in Tadoussac, before a concert at the Festival de la chanson, Newspaper He was able to chat with his captain, Mike Clay. You proudly display your belonging … Read more