Kirby and the Forgotten World preview: a new recipe that looks like it works

Kirby Back on Switch! nintendo Decide to crack the license codes a bit and To push our young hero to sting in a more realistic world. What is the name of this new adventure? Kirby and the Forgotten World. Just here, some fans are a little worried about this turn… Apocalyptic world, 3D graphics, … Read more

Five recipes to cook vegan and healthy all week long

Food – Want vegan, balanced cooking for a change? Or, on the contrary, you have already exhausted all your recipes True And the vegetarian? Don’t panic! Chef Marie Lafort introduces nearly 500 new recipes to prepare our dishes through her book healthy vegetarian. Published at the end of January 2020 by La Plage Editions, it … Read more

Secrets of a Successful Homemade Pie

Delicious pie, pie envy. But its reputation as a hard-to-make candy has us buying it commercially. However… © Adobe Stock In its pie version, the pie is made with pastry cream on a bed of puff pastry or shortbread. In its creamy version, it consists of eggs scrambled in milk baked in the oven. The … Read more