Sherry wine and original recipes to enhance the Bamboo Cocktail Bar in Paris

In Paris, Yann Tesnier and his team changed the menu of the Bamboo cocktail bar, with Low-alcohol recipes based on fortified Spanish wines and original creations. Double sided bamboo card. This cocktail at 2The tenth The Paris circuit, rue Daboukir, opened in October 2020, a few days before the second reservation, and it has just … Read more

Find out why Philip Echebest uses nut butter in his Clafoutis Fruits recipe!

This week, the chef reveals a dessert recipe he especially loves: clafoutis. Find out which fruit Phillipe Echiste goes into his preparation, and why he uses nut butter! This recipe is economical, easy and above all delicious. In his latest YouTube video, Chef Etchebest gives us a transformative and economical dessert idea : trim clafoutis. … Read more

Engineers create a recipe for optimizing any autonomous robotic system

Autonomous robots have come a long way since boring Roomba. In recent years, AI systems have been deployed in self-driving cars, last-mile food delivery, catering services, patient screening, hospital cleaning, meal preparation, building security, and warehouse packaging. Each of these robotic systems is the product of a custom design process specific to that particular system. … Read more

Green onions, the perfect companion to your recipes

In vegetable gardens, green onions are often the first to show the end of their tender stalk with lively flavor. It is a perennial plant grown for its aromatic leaves and is also called green onion, garlic or chives. Its flowers resemble those of chives and the stems of fresh onions and leeks. Its stems, … Read more

How to make a delicious cake for a picnic?

If club sandwiches are the takeaway kings, delicious cupcakes also deserve their place in our picnic basket. Like quiches or summer vegetable pancakes, you can make large batches and then share them. Perfect for a fun and hassle free outing. How to make a soft and delicious cake? In order to prevent the cake from … Read more