Cheap Recipe #2: Variation on Chickpeas from Provence by Chef Nicolas Botero


In her new “Cheap Recipe” video series, La Provence challenges the chefs of the region. With a budget of 20 euros, they will have to imagine, buy and make a recipe for four people, based on seasonal, local and quality produce. The goal is to show that even with a small wallet you can eat well and above all have fun! For the second episode, it was Nicolas Bottero, Distinguished Chef at Mas Bottero in Saint-Cannat (13 years old) who took on the challenge. Recipe (4 persons): Chickpeas of Provence available in several textures L’Isette de Mediterranee in Gravlax Ingredients: 250g of cooked white chickpeas (100g raw) 250g of cooked black chickpeas (100g raw) coarse salt with water 2 pieces of lysette 200g 200g of coarse salt 20g of sugar 10g of pink berries 20g of chopped dill 2 lemons 30cl of ripe olive oil 2g of split pepper 20g of black sesame seeds Marinade method: 1 / Cooking the chickpeas Soak the chickpeas for 24 hours in a large bowl in a generous amount of cold water (black and white drain and cook in a large saucepan with at least 3 times as much water, start on cold. Add aromatic garnishes (garnish garnish, carrots, onions, garlic). About 45 minutes (1 hour 15 seconds for black). Time varies often, make sure it is well cooked and tastes fine with coarse salt after 30 minutes cooking Strain the chickpeas with the cooking liquid 2/chickpeas Mix 3/4 of the chickpeas while hot with the cooking broth White chickpeas: Season the white chickpeas with lemon paste and juice lemon, olive oil, split pepper and chili oil.Correct with salt if necessary and cool with film on contact to prevent surface from cracking Drought. When cool, adjust consistency by adding cooking liquid if needed. The chickpeas will have a more firm texture after cooling. Black chickpeas: Season the black chickpeas mixed with sesame paste and black sesame seeds. Adjust coating and seasoning as for eggs. 3 / Fried chickpeas Drain 50 grams of black chickpeas and place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Drizzle with olive oil and roast in a hot oven for a few minutes. Salt and cool. Method 2: Immerse the drained chickpeas in a frying pan at 160ºC for several minutes until the water evaporates from the vegetation. Salt when frying. 4 / Chickpea salad Make a vinaigrette of lemon juice, candied lemon paste and ripe olive oil. Season with vinegar. Drain the remaining white chickpeas and season with vinegar. 5/ Gravlax Lift up the lysate slices. Cover it with the gravlax mixture and leave it in the fridge for 12 hours. Rinse and cut the fillets. 6 / Serve In an 8cm tart ring, boil the chickpeas in a piping bag, alternating colors. Sprinkle chickpea salad and fried chickpeas. Add the lysate strips into the gravlax. Add candied lemon sticks and delicious toppings.

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