Chefs and hobby chefs share their recipes in a book

The famous sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, kouglof… In Alsatian gastronomy, there are not only great classics! If necessary, this will be proven by a new recipe book. Not only: this will combine the secrets of great chefs and professionals in the sector with the secrets of simple amateurs. It will be unveiled at the end of February at the Agricultural Show, and then presented privately on March 6, during the Michelin Star Award Ceremony in Strasbourg.

It was really this event that decided the European Community of Alsace (CEA) and Étoile de Alsace to embark on the adventure. “We wanted to build this book to incorporate Alsatians into this party. That they should be concerned about what is often seen as an appointment to the profession,” explains Priscilla Cerdan, director of the association that brings together the region’s distinguished chefs.

Concretely, anyone can submit their recipe on the website, where they will be presented with a form. With the ability to leave photos of their creation. “It’s been open for two weeks until the end of November, and we’ve already had a hundred contributions,” continues the director. We have not yet decided which recipes to choose but what we notice is that people are suffering. »

A total of 100 book stacks will be selected and added to 200 other chefs and craftsmen in the food trade. “But all proposals made by amateurs will remain on the Internet on the site and can be improved,” adds Priscilla Cerdan, giving some examples of recipes already received. “There is a dish that often appeared, it was with pigeons. Other than that, I can mention the date tart, Fleischschnacka (a kind of snail with meat) but with snail or even lentil soup. But I’m not saying that everything will be preserved!”

Every family has its tricks and secrets.

Among the 40 professional members of the association, several have already submitted their proposals. So what did the chefs come up with? “A lobster baeckeoffe, black woodland revisited in mille-feuille style and cheeks flischschnacka with ginger-infused broth,” replies Emmanuel Weller, of Maison Kieny (one Michelin star in Riedisheim in Haut-Rhin).

“We chose our emblematic dish, fried frog legs with chervil accompanied by ravioli,” adds Eric Westermann, from Buerehiesel (one Michelin star in Strasbourg). He also cites “brioche, somewhat like French toast with caramelized poached pears and ice cream.” The two chefs say they are very excited about the idea of ​​sharing the label with hobbyists.

Like Anne-Catherine Ferber, from the house of the same name in Niedermorschwihr (Haut-Rhin). She sent her recipes for Christmas jam, lamala (an Easter lamb-shaped pastry), cheese tart and grape pie. Every family has its tricks and secrets. It is good to promote them, it makes the region rich,” she appreciates. “It is a wonderful poem by the Alsatian Terroire. »

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