Chef’s Recipe at Tourrettes-sur-Loup: red and yellow beets, fresh goat’s cheese mousse and crackers

After many years in Paris and London, the chef from Vence with his wife Marion, a pastry chef, opened the restaurant spell In 2020. The establishment presents the “Bistro” menu. lunch and table Evening, “more details” According to the president.

Either way, vegetable-based appetizers are preferred “It is very important to work with seasonal products,” He adds. Behind this local approach there is also an environmental desire. “You have to think about the environment and excessive consumption of meat and fish, which is something that has to be reduced.” This is why the restaurant is developing its vegetable garden with the ambition to become self-sufficient. The project should be completed next January. “The advantage of Tourettes-sur-Loup is its microclimate. The place is four to five degrees cooler than the Nice coast which is hotter and drier, The young man explains. Thus, there is more freshness, which allows for a good harvest. ”

Recently, beets have been in the spotlight in the start menu. Available in red and yellow, accompanied by fresh goat cheese mousse and biscuits. A summertime recipe full of flavors that Raphaël Grima has agreed to share.

spelling. 6, Grand’Rue, at Tourrettes-sur-Loup.

Bistro menu in the afternoon 29 euros, tasting menu in the evening 64 euros. Such as.

the recipe

Ingredients for 6 people

1 red beet 1 yellow beet 1 chioggia beet; red balsamic vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, smoked haddock, liquid cream; fresh goat seed vinyl; coriander; cumin; crackers; salt; pepper; olive oil.

cooking beets

There are two possible ways of cooking: in boiling water with salt or by the potato-jacket method (aluminum coating, sprinkle with salt and bake at 200 degrees for 1-2 hours after the size of the beets).

making puree

After cooking, peel the beets into thick slices. Collect the red and yellow beet trimmings. Mix red beetroot with red balsamic vinegar for a first puree. Do the same with the beetroot and white balsamic vinegar garnish.

goat moose

Mix fresh goat cheese, liquid cream, olive oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper.
For haddock cream: Soak liquid cream with smoked haddock and reduce.

On each beet slice, put a dab of mashed potatoes.
Garnish everything with a small seed cracker, as well as pre-roasted fennel, coriander and cumin seeds in the oven.


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