Cherry Spritz recipe for a more fruity appetizer

Who says summer, says aperitif, says aperitif, says cocktails, and who says cocktails, says Spritz. The latter has become a staple of our summertime appetizer in recent years. If it’s so popular, it’s because it’s fresh, fruity, easy to prepare and above all, there’s something for everyone. No, Spritz is not necessarily made with orange spirit, but also, for example, cherry.

Cherry Spritz وصفة recipe

You want freshness for appetizers but you want a classic and timeless creation Aperol spritz ? If it is usually prepared with Aperol, a bitter Italian alcohol with the smell of orange, then it is quite possible to prepare Spritz based on another alcohol, such as Catimini, for example. It’s a cherry Spritz base, created by Vincent of Distillerie Gervin, during the first closing. As with the classic cocktail, we need ProseccoHowever, some preparation steps change. Here is the recipe Vincent suggested:

  • 4cl by Amaretto Gervin
  • 1cl of Catimini Spritz Gervin
  • 2 cl of lemon juice
  • 4 cl of cherry apple juice
  • Prosecco at your leisure

On the other hand, if you don’t have Catimini Spritz on hand, you can easily make the recipe Sherry Spritz With Aperol, sour cherry syrup, Prosecco and sparkling water or Tonic, to your taste.

Various spritz recipes

If you are not a cherry lover by any means and still want a new experience Spritz وصفات recipesHere’s a few you might like:

Nothing is more Parisian than a white Spritz recipe. To make this cocktail, replace Aperol with 4cl of St-Germain Liqueur (or elderberry liqueur), then add 6cl of Prosecco and 6cl of sparkling water.

We choose this Italian lemon-based alcohol to replace Aperol. 2 cl of limoncello suffices, always with 6 cl of Prosecco, and 6 cl of sparkling water.

Not much different from Aperol Spritz, you just have to make the same recipe by substituting orange alcohol for a martini.

It’s all in the name, it’s Spritz, but with rosé. So we fill a large 4 cll cup of Aperol, with a little lime, and substitute the Prosecco for rose.

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