Chinin from Loire and scallops fiddle with aioli from Marc Favier

Wine: Domaine de Nerleux – Les Loups Blancs 2020

Sumur – Loire Valley
Price: 16.90 €

Tense like black wolves in Old French. There was a time when wolves roamed the foothills of the Tuva Hills at the Nerlux Manor, now inhabited by Cabernet Frank and Chenen Vineyards. This Saumur estate is operated by Amélie Neau, whose (fantastic) fate is closely linked to karma. It arose, so to speak, in the middle of the estate located in Saint-Cyr-le-Port, in the heart of the Saumur countryside. The first woman of the Neau line to manage the farm, embodies the ninth generation of vineyards on the estate, acquired in 1870. Today, 30 hectares of vineyards are converted to organic farming, where the work is done manually, without the inputs. And in the cellar, wine reflects the earth. Just like this chin-brown hue, waves of summer fruit roll in, mouth-watering in a vanilla texture, finished with this chalky finish that’s fresh as a breeze. Something to soften this fidéoa de la Mer, whose salty flavors will embrace the gentle freshness of coffee.

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Recipe: Scallops, Aioli by Marc Favier

At the Michelin-starred restaurant Marcore, chef Marc Favier and his wife Aurélie have created a unique venue, with a bistro section on the ground floor and a gastro lounge upstairs. Here, the chef practices insightful cuisine, drawing tastes from its roots. “I take care not to overlap the tastes, to present frank and meticulous dishes, to select the best ingredients from small producers. Sauces, juices and spices are essential to finish my dishes. I’m trying to create a sense of taste: something has to happen, that’s the point of creation!» A state of mind we find in this fideoa, a type of hybrid paella where fideu – vermicelli in Catalan – acts like rice. Created by the chef in memory of a Southern meal with friends, this dish will go unanimously accompanied by this dish that arrived just in time for dusk, between dog and wolf.

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For sweetening, to finish your drink: apricot tart with rosemary

Apricot tart with rosemaryEven if it is saturated, it is impossible to resist this apricot delicacy, all while drying the last drops of that chin that, too, smells of summer.

Find the recipe here on Madame Figaro

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