Claire’s appetizer plate recipe

  • Feta sticks: Cut the feta cheese into sticks, and roll once in breadcrumbs, then in beaten eggs and again in breadcrumbs.

  • In a small frying pan, coat the base with olive oil (about 10 tablespoons) and fry the sticks on each side until golden brown.

  • Cucumber Maki: Cut the cucumber in half, and remove everything from the inside (keep cool and use in salads).

  • Make the cream cheese: add the chives, coriander, salt, pepper and curry. Come and stuff the cucumber halves with cream cheese and pack them well. Cut the cucumber into small slices. Serve immediately and sprinkle with cilantro.

  • Cheddar Slabs: Cut each slice of Cheddar cheese into 9 equal small squares. Spread on a baking sheet and cook at 180 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes, watching. Leave to cool and sprinkle with paprika. The fish should be crunchy.

  • Small Shrimp Tacos: Spread the wheat rolls on a board and using a cookie cutter (or simply a glass), cut small circles into the wrapping (about 3-4 per wrap). Save your quilling scraps for later. Fold the small rolls in half and close them with a toothpick. Bake at 200 degrees for 5 minutes. Leave to cool and remove spike: tacos will hold in place on their own! Garnish with shrimp, tomatoes, feta and cilantro and sprinkle with lemon, salt and pepper.

  • Quilling Foil: Cut the trimmings into small, roughly equal squares/rectangles. In a salad bowl, add the chopped trimmings, olive oil, and spices. Mix well and spread on a baking sheet. Bake for 5 minutes at 200 degrees (until golden brown and crunchy).

  • Mini Parmesan Pizza: In muffin tins, line the bottom with grated Parmesan cheese (so you can’t see the bottom of each individual packet). Put in the oven for 5 minutes at 200 degrees (watch closely). Remove from the oven and let it cool before removing the mould. Arrange on the board and add the chopped tomatoes (small tip: drain the chopped tomatoes in a colander in the sink with salt), basil leaves, a pinch of grated Parmesan cheese, and pepper. If you don’t have a muffin pan at home, it’s entirely possible to make small individual stacks on a baking sheet.

  • Fresh cheese dip: Finely chop the tomatoes, cucumber and garlic. In a bowl, mix all ingredients except olive oil. Put the preparation in a small bowl, make a hollow and put the olive oil.

  • Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil sticks: On a skewer, put the tomatoes and basil leaves, then the mozzarella. In a bowl on the side, mix together the mustard, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Come and lightly sprinkle each peak of the preparation.

  • On the board you can also find: 6-7 chiffonoids raw ham: go well with cucumber, tomato / basil / mozzarella, feta and chips! 3 chopped apricots for freshness and because it is a fruit that goes with the different items on the board!

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