Cleaning fanatics has an easy way to get rid of dark cooking smells and it only takes five minutes

Christmas Day is tomorrow… We seriously can’t believe how fast it is and how much is left to solve.

Many of us will start making dinner tonight for the big day, by peeling our potatoes and chopping up the carrots.


The Queen of Clean shared a simple hack to banish unpleasant kitchen odorsCredit: Olivia West – The Sun

Although the smell of Christmas dinner really is wonderful, there is nothing worse than the smell of lingering in your kitchen for days on end.

If the smell of leftover Brussels sprouts and turkey is enough to make your stomach rumble, there’s something for you.

So, if you want your home smelling fresh, we have a quick and simple hack that promises to remove any nasty cooking odors instantly.

The Queen of Clean, also known as Lynsey Crombie, came up with a genius idea to banish any dark odors and it only takes a few minutes.

The bestselling author and columnist regularly shares hacks to make cleaning fun and took to TikTok to share her latest tips.

SheSaid: The question I get asked all the time is the smells of cooking in the kitchen at Christmas.

“Over Christmas these cooking smells are going to get worse, so that’s what I do.

“I boil some white vinegar on the stove for five minutes and then let it simmer.

“This will break up those odors and won’t leave a vinegar smell.”

If you want to get rid of bad smells in your kitchen and fancy trying it, you can buy a bottle of white vinegar spray for as cheap as 89p from The Range.

If you don’t want to open the window and let cool air in, this is worth a try.

And if you do not want to look for candles with a pleasant smell – white vinegar comes to the rescue!

At the time of writing, Lynsey’s video has been live on TikTok for only one week, but it has already garnered 176.4 thousand views.

She has 2,375 likes, 84 comments and 195 shares.

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Many TikTok users liked this hack and took the comments to express it.

One person said, “We have some veggie burgers we’ve been frying but the house stinks. I will try this.”

Another added: “This is great.”

A third commented: “White vinegar is honestly sent by God!!”

This Lynsey hack is super simple and will leave your kitchen smelling fresh


This Lynsey hack is super simple and will leave your kitchen smelling freshCredit: TikTok / @lynsey_queenofclean

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