Coca-Cola reveals its new original recipe for the Fortnite video game!

Its flavor is interesting to say the least. Coca-Cola International has just announced a new, exclusive and highly original taste of the Fortnite video game: Coca-Cola Zero Byte. So, what does this new drink look like in your opinion?

What do you think of the flavor of this new soda? Credit: Coca-Cola

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If someone says “soda” to you, you’ll probably think of Coca-Cola first. And if you were told “red and black”, now you are sure of it. Founded in 1886, the Coca-Cola brand is known all over the world. Recognizable among thousands by its taste but also by its design, as red has been the official color since 1928, this soda has traveled through the decades and has not failed to renew itself to delight loyal consumers.

From the most classic to sugar-free via original recipes with cherries, vanilla, coffee, or even caramel, Coca-Cola isn’t yet done making your taste buds sparkle. But recently, the American company has created a new division, Coca-Cola Creations, in order to regularly reveal new drinks with an original and interesting taste in limited editions. With strong marketing campaigns as a bonus. This is how we discovered Coca-Cola Starlight a few weeks ago, Coke’s version inspired by space!

But this time, let’s go back to Earth for Coca-Cola’s next innovation. The new Coca-Cola Zero Byte was revealed in the Fortnite video game and confirmed on social networks on Monday, April 4th, and therefore has a unique taste…Pixel! Are we really back to planet Earth?

Coca-Cola Zero Bite, Soda Flavored Pixel!

Coca-Cola Zero Bite, Coca-Cola with a pixelated taste! Credit: Coca-Cola

“Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte makes the intangible taste of a pixel tangible,” Oana Vlad, director of strategy for Coca-Cola told CNN. “This drink tastes like the Coca-Cola you know and love, with elements that are bright in the beginning and refreshing in the end.” Do you feel a little lost? we too. But since no one has ever tasted Pixel (it must be admitted a bit complicated anyway), the American company simply allows their imaginations to speak without limits to create and present this new flavor to you. Consumers will be able to form their own opinion about the taste of the pixel so …

Coca-Cola Zero Byte is available starting May 2 in the US, while stocks last, Coca-Cola Zero Byte will be sold online only. Latin America and China will be able to detect the “dotted” flavor of the new Coke from May 23. At the moment, there is no announcement of a launch in France… Too bad, we loved the Pixel to us.

Fortnite video game ad

The new Coke took its first steps into the Fortnite video game a few days ago. Credit: Twitter screenshot / Coca-Cola

This second interesting drink from Coca-Cola Creations had a rather strange launch. In fact, the first images of Coca-Cola Zero Byte appeared a few days ago on the island of Pixel Point in the video game … Fortnite! “Our fans are intrigued, they love the playful novelty. The abstract nature of the flavor description provides opportunity and discussion,” according to Oana Vlad. And in this second marketing campaign, Coca-Cola highlights “the game in the spotlight”. Hence the first appearance in a video game.

Space and now pixels. What will be the next flavor of Coca-Cola? Bets have been made…

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