Condiments from West Genshin Influence: Recipes, Ingredients, and Everything to Succeed in the Event

Condiments from West Genshin Influence: Recipes, Ingredients, and Everything to Succeed in the Event



The new Genshin Impact event titled Spices from the West has begun. To get the rewards from this activity, you will need to craft recipes using different ingredients. Recipes, resources, and websites are all in this guide.

A new event has arrived in Genshin Impact. The latter will ask you to cook certain recipes to reward you and replace them with different dishes that you offer to your characters Serenitheater. In this guide, we’ll see how to make recipes successful.

Unlock access to Genshin Impact’s Spices event from the West

To access the event, you must have met the following prerequisites:

  • Adventure level 20 or higher is required to prepare spices
  • Adventure level 28 or above and complete the quest “Tea Chat” to be able to cook the required dishes and invite the characters to taste them.

Once these conditions are met, it’s not over because you should too Do a world search titled “Visitor from the West”. It is not very complicated to do. You should Go to Liu Harbor to talk to Nazafarin.

What do you do at the Genshin Impact event?

As mentioned above, you will have to Cook recipes by playing a mini game and then swap the dishes you have with a sliver to create an excellent version of the same dish that you will simply have to give it to your allies in your inner kingdom. To gift them, just talk to them and you’ll be given the “Taste this me” option.

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List of available recipes and their ingredients

In this part, we’ll go over every recipe available during the event. The goal here is to make it easier for you in case you are short of ingredients, so we will mark out specific places where you can easily find each ingredient.

The article is updated daily so that you have all the recipes.

The first recipe: The encounter between land and sea

This first recipe is fairly easy and will only require you toOnly one copy of each component.


They are found in places like:

– Storm Terror Lair

– Whisper Woods

– Ventlev

Dos Dragon Mountains

– Yashuri Island

– Kanazuka Island

Buyable from:

– Chloris


Buyable from:

Blanche (Mondstadt Market)

Dongsheng (2nd chance at Liyue Port)

– Aoi (Tsukumomono grocery store in Inazuma)


It is found in some places such as:

– Dehwa swamp

– stone gate

Buyable from:

– Gui herbalist (Bobo’s home pharmacy)

Finally, do not forget to collect your various rewards that are waiting for you in the “Event” tab. Note that to finish 100% “Spice from the West” you must do the following:

  • Each recipe 3 times
  • Have your allies taste your dishes 21 times.

For more instructions and tips about Genshin Impact, feel free to refer to the full walkthrough of the game with all character builds, the location of the resources to be collected in the Teyvat world or the quests for each update.

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