COOK LIKE A MOTHER: Company Delivers Consignment of Noodle Sauce to Firefighters | News

The Tahlakwa Fire Department received a large batch of Ragu Pasta Sauce on Tuesday, January 11th.

Tahlequah firefighters were in the red shift at Terminal 1 as the FedEx driver pulled and unloaded 792 packages of sauce. The shift caught the attention of the national company after crew members posted a video of them cooking while serving, using ragu sauce.

“The definition of flying is ‘two is enough,'” and Raggi clearly didn’t think two was enough; they “thought 792 would be,” said Assistant Fire Chief Mark Whitmore.

Recent Raggi ads on air have shown people using sauces and saying, “Cook like a mom!” Firefighter Anthony Margaret bragged in the video that he actually cooks like a mommy.

TFD Captain Jodi Enlo came up with the idea as part of a team-building exercise for his shift, and the video was posted to Margarit’s personal account on TikTok. Enlow’s son-in-law emailed Ragú, and a company representative contacted Margaret shortly thereafter via TikTok.

Margaret has kept in touch with Ragú and was told that the company would be sending a truckload of sauces to Terminal 1. A representative will be there on Wednesday, January 12, to take a photo.

“I never thought this big company would come down to our small town, but we will make good things happen,” Whitmore said.

Sauces’ initial plan is to have a spaghetti-type dinner at the Cherokee County Community Building, and Fire Chief Casey Baker said someone had already agreed to donate the pasta.

“It is for the Tahlequah and Tahlequah firefighters, and as of now, depending on the quantity, we will discuss it and may include another local organization,” Margaret said. “We’re planning to have a custom dinner once the COVID virus subsides a bit, and Ragú’s donation is to the local 4099 Tragedy Fund.”

TFD needed city council approval for a TikTok video for Ragú to use, in which the TFD name and logo appear. Council members approved a letter of permission from the Ragù maker with the Fire Department during the January 3 meeting.

Baker said he thought the TikTok video brought the Enlow transformation closer together, and was really a team-building exercise, as intended.

“In all honesty, this kind of team building unit is in every shift. We just noticed ragi,” Enlo said.

The video included Capt. Enlo, Lt. Sean Valdez, and firefighters Robert Duncan, David Craig, and Margaret.

What then

The actor and the others will be at Station 1 today — Wednesday, January 12 — to meet with the Tahlequah firefighters.


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