Cooking Roast Beef: Good tips and meat recipes for delicious roasting

Tender and juicy, this Sunday roast always delights red meat lovers. His recipe for success? Totally slow and controlled cooking!

from English roast beefAnd roast beef – It is also spelled roast beef – is a cut of beef that is roasted as such The meat is tender on the outside and pink on the inside. Then the roast beef Thinly sliced It is served with dauphino gratin or tien tomatoes, as well as seasonings such as mustard. But how to calculate the cooking time and Cooking roast beef to perfection? We found all the answers in the book In the kitchen it is good to list all the facts, By Arthur Le Caisne, published in Merbout editions.

When do we salt roast beef: the answer to the pros

The secret to good roast beef is Salt two days before cookingeven fine salt “It gets to the center and begins to modify proteins”. Arthur Le Kaizen advises this Sprinkle high enough so that the saltdrop, It disperses well on the surface “. After that, all you have to do is Re-wrap the roast beef in foil and put it in the fridge for 48 hours.

How do you calculate the cooking time of barbecue?

To manage cooking roast beef As a leader, you must first Forget a basic rule That you must have known one day (that’s the whole point of this book): heat shock. No, taking the meat out of the fridge and immediately burning it in the pan won’t make it any more difficult. exactly the contrary ! “By browning meat straight from the fridge, we avoid overcooked meat,” The author explains. It makes for a very nice time, right? Count in everything and everything in between 1 hour, 35 and 45 minutes of cooking time for an hour rest.

How to cook roast beef in the oven?

After you take the meat out of the refrigerator, wipe it with a paper towel to remove all moisture, and Burn it for 3-4 minutes in a very hot pressure cooker With half a cup of peanut oil. Once colored, remove the meat onto the aluminum foil and Let it sit for an hour at room temperature. if do it Cook for 1 hour and 40 minutes in the oven Preheated to 100°C. Finally, cut thin slices of roast beef, one or two centimeters, and submit it immediately.

Blue, rare, medium… How do you tell if your roast beef is cooked?

To check the doneness of roast beef While cooking in the oven, Arthur Le Caisne advises you to use it probe thermometer And sow it directly into the flesh: Count 45°C To the heart of the blue cooking, 50°C for rare meat And 55°C If you prefer medium rare. It’s up to you to play the master roaster!

In the kitchen, all the facts are good to tell, Marabout editions.

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