Cooking: The Growing Success of Recipe Apps and Websites


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Driven by inspiration or looking for an original or visually stunning recipe? Recipe sites and applications proliferate on the Internet and social networks, to always provide more novelties on our boards. Comp in very good health.

For a father, cooking with his daughter has become a little bit of a Wednesday ritual. On the menu today, ladybug pie. With the restrictions, online recipe sites and apps have seen a jump in their audience. Among them, Chefclub and 110 million subscribers worldwide. This real cooking recipe company, on a courtyard in the heart of Paris, is the idea of ​​three brothers: Axel, Thomas and Jonathan. “Simple Ingredients, Amazing RecipesThis is the promise the brothers made.

They studied economics, none of them worked as a chef. In the back of the room, they think about future recipes, considering the desire to create something spectacular and visual. The recipes are then tested next door. If satisfactory, it is then depicted in French and English in a short format of 3 to 5 minutes, which will travel around the planet.

Last year, Chefclub made $15 million thanks to a well-established economic model. “The more views on the platforms, the higher our salary. The second part of revenue is merchandise, and the third way to generate revenue is brand partnerships‘, describes Axel Lang. Popular websites and apps: Six out of ten French people say they contact them at least once a month.

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