Cooking: These 5 Healthy Salad Recipes Made Famous By Instagram Stars

  • Vegan salad signed Kourtney Kardashian

The peculiarity of this salad is directly inspired by the salad bar healthy nuts From Los Angeles is that her vegetarian And the without gluten !
Made up of a handful of romaine lettuce Based on iceberg lettuceAdd Cucumber in washing machines and grated carrots Then decorate this base with a few pieces of vegan bacon as well as thin slices ofAttorney. to season Courtney choose for vegan ranch sauce (mayonnaise, greek yogurt, parsley, dill, garlic, salt).

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  • Chai Mitchell’s “Abero” Salad

a star pretty little liars She introduces us to her favorite salad recipe, nicknamed Green Gods Salad that can be eaten in tortillas.
Put in your bowl cabbagesubordinate Cucumbersubordinate chives and the small green onionAll cut into small cubes. Add to this class 1 offresh spinach2 Cloves of garlic1 shallot2 Lemon juice And theolive oil.
You can decorate this salad with nuts like cashew nut.

  • The Duchess’ Heatwave Salad

For some time now, a recipe has been making the rounds on social networks: watermelon salad From Kate Middleton ! In an interview with daily expressionThe Duchess of Cambridge She said she ate exclusively vegetarian lunches. I took the opportunity to reveal this salad recipe:
take watermelon Well scented, add LawyerFrom onionsThe Cucumber And from here feta cheese. This is it !

  • Sweet/salty salad for an influential person in the kitchen

known as french coconutAnd the Eva Gilot He has at least 43K subscribers on Instagram and his recipe has made the rounds of feeds! For her sweet/savory salad, nothing is simpler:
take 4 nectarines sliced ​​yolks, 3 Tomatoes medium cut into 6 slices, 1 yellow tomato Also cut into 6 slices and 1 set of cherry tomatoes Cut into two parts. Add to that 1/4 ofred onion minced, about 8 small balls of mozzarella Cut in half as well as leaves basil Fresh, then salt. To season everything chooseolive oilThe Lemon juice And the pepper !

  • A fragrant salad for a great French chef

very active on instagram, Cyril Linnac He exclusively offered his followers his recipe for a fresh, vitamin-rich salad for this summer.
That’s why choose beautiful melon Which you cut into small pieces, add slices of it peachFrom StrawberryAnd the lawyers Based on Raspberry. Decorate with balls from mozzarellasubordinate shredded coconutGood honey and leaves basil Full. season with goodness olive oilFew pepper Based on salt He is ready. This amazing sweet/salty combination will delight your taste buds, as it promises!

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