Criticizes her recipe for cooking, expresses itself

Manon Tanti lashed out on the web after sharing a recipe, and makes a big point. We tell you everything!

Manon Tanti criticized her recipe for cooking

It’s been a few days since Manon Tanti was subjected to many criticisms on social networks. Indeed, the young mother revealed the details of a recipe for pasta with sausage and cheese, and posted a video of her preparing the dish. But very quickly, Internet users did not hesitate to approach the young mother, accusing her of not knowing how to cook. And for good reason, in her video, we can see Manon Tanti mixing all the ingredients with his raw pasta, before adding water. This greatly surprised netizens who did not hesitate to comment and criticize the young mother.

Among the many comments that can be read on the web: You make mashed potatoes, there are husbands who suffer, hehehe…the same thing for children. You come home hungry, we make you messy pasta like this”; “A real experience.
Sounds like an American brothel recipe “This is bullshit… They make a video for sharing… They are millionaires and they have a chef in the house” “But this is very dangerous!” You have to contact the competent services, I hope it will be a stir of her side and that she does not force anyone to eat this, not even her”; “I swear that’s a valid reason for divorce.”

Manon Tanti: I criticized her recipe for cooking, it expresses itself

Manon Tanti speaks out after criticizing her recipe

But recently, the girl who likes to remain transparent about her salary popped up in a story on social media and revealed the famous dish she made. Very proud of her talent as a chef, and along with her lover defending her, Manon Tanti (accused of being the source of her lover’s conflicts) expresses herself and claims to be happy with her cooking.

My dish I find it very good. Because the last time we criticized good pasta, it is true that it is not visually beautiful but was the pasta good or not? (…) Do not lie, because there are some things that I have seen (…) There visually it is very beautiful and we cannot criticize my dish. The truth is there are colours, there are shapes, they are well cooked, except for these slightly burnt potatoes. » We can hear her answer her by my beloved, who is photographing her in front of the famous dish before dinner.

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