Delicious and easy-to-cook recipes to rediscover Quebec pork

Thanks to the continuous efforts of breeders, Quebec pork is now considered a world-class meat with multiple nutritional and economic benefits.

Quebec pork is a high-quality protein that offers excellent value for money. For varied, healthy and modern meals, choose Le porc du Québec. And to find the best cuts at low prices, choose Maxi.

Your dose of inspiration

With its impressive versatility, multiple cuts, and delicious flavour, this quality meat is a must in a Quebec kitchen. In addition, Quebec pork is a very nutritious meat, as it is an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc and B-complex vitamins.

Here are different ways to prepare it for your daily meals or for entertainment.

The best pork recipes in Quebec

Maple pork loin, stuffed with apple cheese: A dish par excellence for entertaining at home.

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Vietnamese Pork Slider: A convenient recipe that will surely please the kids.

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Pork chili protein bowl: A summer bowl that promises to brighten up your day (and keep it up!).

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Pork Rack with Maple, Orange, and Ginger: Nothing is simpler than this perfectly balanced recipe

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Cuts and wounds

Thanks to the variety of high-quality cuts offered at Maxi, we can say that there really is ham for all tastes. Also, pork is at its best when cooked properly. To achieve this, avoid overcooking the meat and choose the best cooking method, depending on the piece.

Network : One of the most tender and popular cuts in Quebec. The tenderloin can be stuffed, covered with a dry mixture (such as “rubbing”) or brushed with sauce.

Cord : They are a low-fat cut, ideal for a more tender roast.

Cuts : When it comes from sirloin, it’s more meaty: perfect for bacon-wrapped grains. When it comes from the end of the ribs, it has more bone and is more marbled, and therefore tastier.

pork meat : Did you know that pork is processed from one of the three main muscles of the pig’s buttocks, which are the inner part, the outer circular body, the tip or all of these muscles?

ribs : Baby back ribs – maxi’s most popular – are less fatty and have a good thickness of meat on the bone, while “spare ribs” sirloin ribs are known to be more fatty, tender and less expensive.

minced pork : It is an excellent complement to ground beef, as it meets the same production standards, but is much cheaper and tasty. Think about it for meatballs, hamburgers, meat loaves, croquettes, and fillings.

shoulder : Although the shoulder meat is fibrous, it can be easily cooked by slow cooking at lower temperatures. It is also ideal for the famous pulled pork of the “pulled pork” type.

bacon : Artisan or back bacon is a must in Quebec cuisine, which comes in savory and sweet versions, from appetizer to dessert.

Various pork chops


100% Quebec product

Look out for the blue Le porc du Québec logo, which indicates that the pork is 100% raised and processed here. Moreover, by purchasing locally, you are contributing to the prosperity and vitality of our regions. Here’s how!

Breeders and educators

Pork in QuebecIt’s good for us, but above all, it tastes good! See you at the above To discover a world of possibilities at low prices, feel free to follow Quebec Pork Facebook page For a healthy dose of culinary inspiration.

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