Discover Michel Saran’s secrets to tasting croques

Croque Monsieur and Michel Saran, It’s a long love story: “I’m the son of peasants, so we didn’t eat it at home,” he said before continuing, “but we took advantage of the slightest visit to the city to bite into it. To me, it’s a noble sandwich.” At the onset of the health crisis, he began preparing truffles for his caregivers. Then he and his two daughters, Emma and Camille, thought of a new concept for the restaurant. Monsieur Croque’s idea was born. And when the chef opens the first “Croq’Michel” counters in Toulouse and Paris, the sauce immediately prevails. Since then, the brand has grown and even introduced a temporary counter in the Gare de Lyon, which has been a huge hit with travelers. Today, he settled in the 10th arrondissement of Paris in a sustainable way. What pleases Michel Saran is putting his stamp on the simplest recipe in the world: “What a kitchen hardens is to make it simple and good,” he says.

A variation of the famous Parisian ham and butter, with two slices of square bread in place of a baguette and a little au gratin cheese on it, croque monsieur appeared circa 1910, on the menu of a Parisian café on rue Capuccines (Paris 9). Then warmed with bechamel sauce. But it is indisputable to flaunt this sacred French specialty. The chef’s credo seems clear: spin the croc – yes, piss her off, no!

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Chef’s Secrets

For “Croq’Michel,” the former Top Chef juror kept a base, and drew inspiration from his travels to Ibiza, Finland and Mexico, to create “Croq’Ibiza” (chorizo/manchego/peppers/fresh cheese, “Helsinki Croque” (smoked salmon/ fresh cheese/emmental/chives/daikon) or ‘crock tulum’ (chicken/guacamole/pepper/corn/manchego/mexican seasoning) fat instead of butter for browning the toast! Enhances the taste of the ingredients,” says the chef. Revealing his secrets to us, he also advises paying special attention to cooking: “The croque monsieur should be crispy on the outside, so that the crust locks in all the flavors, and melts on the inside. So while we’re waiting to visit his office, he offers us The Chef featured here has her recipe for “croque montmartre…croc michelle? saran mad!”

Croq’Montmartre recipe by Michel Saran

for croque monsieur


75 gm white pork
Two slices of bread
15 g dried tomatoes
35 grams of bechamel
2 grams pesto
12.5 gm duck fat
60 gm Emmental cheese, sliced
a pinch of salt

to prepare

Pork chops with slicers into 3 mm. Cut squares 13 x 13 cm.
Using a colander, drain the tomatoes, then place them on absorbent paper.
Then mix the béchamel with pesto, salt and drained tomatoes.
Put everything to a standstill.
Using a brush, spread the duck fat on one side of the bread slices. Flip the greased sides onto a butter paper.
Place the first slice of Emmental on one of the slices of bread.
Add pork slices on top, then mix the béchamel.
Cover with the second slice of Emmental.
Close it with the other slice of bread.
Preferably in a toaster, or in a very hot skillet, with no added fat, brown the Crock-Meunier for 2 minutes, 30 on each side.
Serve hot.

the most? If you don’t want to heat it right away, you can keep it cold for a day max.

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