Discover our chocolates and refreshing sweets for the summer

If summer gives red and yellow fruits center stage, then there is no need to give up chocolate. It’s all about choosing the right recipes, all in freshness and lightness. Step out the chocolate brownies, which we’re keeping for fall and winter, and hello to frozen desserts, unbaked cakes, and light mousse.

How to make fresh chocolate candy for summer?

Unbaked dessert

You receive but do not want to turn on the furnace? Only one solution, to bet on a “raw” chocolate fudge, requires at worst a simple pass into the pan and, at best, no heat at all. In this category, we first think of chocolate mousse. With a tablet, fresh eggs and maybe some cream, it couldn’t be simpler. More complicated now, but still great, unbaked pies. With a base of crushed biscuits (chocolate for the all-chocolate version) and buttercream, all you have to do is chocolate ganache, and it’s ready! Otherwise, you can also choose a “cake from the refrigerator”, which will delight the whole family. concept? Mix melted chocolate with ground almonds and crumbled biscuits. Then spread the mixture in a dish lined with parchment paper, then put in the refrigerator until firm. Some of the variations include meringue chips and dried fruits, or replacing chocolate with cocoa and dates.

frozen dessert

Only when thinking about ice cream or chocolate sorbet do we get goosebumps (with pleasure). Because yes, you read correctly, not only with fruit you can prepare sorbet. No need for eggs or fat, just boil the water and chocolate together before putting it in the ice cream maker. It couldn’t be simpler. Then, if you’re feeling like a treat, there’s nothing stopping you from giving in to the plea of ​​good ice cream or chocolate profiteroles.

fruit candy

Another option to give freshness to chocolate, combine it with fruits. The acidity of berries, for example, or even tomatoes, has the advantage of balancing the heaviness of any chocolate, whether white or dark. On the other hand, avoid out-of-season fruits, like pears, and those like bananas, which will make the recipe heavier.

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