Discover the impossible recipe for Tomato Mozza from Thibaut de Saint-Maurice

On April Fools’ Day, the “Grand bien vous faire” columnists changed their facts. Philosopher Thibaut de Saint-Maurice gave the recipe for the day usually prepared by Chef Gregory Cohen. Philosophy and cooking? A real treat!

Discover the impossible tomato Mozza recipe from Thibaut de Saint-Maurice © Getty / Orbon Alija

Cooking and philosophy? Bet on the recipe that philosopher Thibaut de Saint-Maurice bravely honored on Friday the first of April when cooking isn’t necessarily his priority. He wanted to keep it simple… (even if it’s all relative…) and offers a tomato mozzarella recipe!

Well, this recipe is not in season at all, but keep it aside, in a corner of your head and try it out in about a couple of months, end of May and beginning of June, especially for tomatoes.

Why tomato mozzarella recipe?

It is within everyone’s reach.

Enough for 4 people

Very easy…

  • 6 beautiful tomatoes
  • 400 gm mozzarella cheese, very creamy
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and a pinch of basil for seasoning


  • Slice the tomatoes as you like.
  • Cut mozzarella as you like,
  • season as you like
  • Serve how and when you want.
  • it’s ready !

To choose the right tomatoes, you need to understand what they are (philosophically…)

But the problem there is that figuring out what it is is not easy!

Are these fruits or vegetables? Biologically, they are fruits, but in ordinary conversation and in the stalls of gardeners in our market they are considered vegetables.

Suddenly it is necessary to rise from the question of how do we classify the things of the world? How does our knowledge work?

And then, now, mozzarella

When does it stop being cream and become cheese? Is there a difference in type or degree? How do you think about the uniqueness of buffalo milk cream in mozzarella cheese?

Want the simplest, it’s part of the complex without being complicated?

Well, let’s start over…!

for four people

  • six tomatoes
  • 400 gm mozzarella cheese
  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • salt and basil
  • Bring some sugar
  • And why not get a little more whipping cream…because we’re going to…make it more complicated, but we promise it won’t be too complicated!


Always cut the tomatoes as you like.

Your choice, I offer you either balsamic caramel vinegar or whipped cream with mozzarella!

Start by cutting the mosaic (always as you like: in the shape of a ball, in squares, in right-angled triangles and put the pieces in the freezer).

Once well glazed, you can make your own balsamic vinegar caramel by heating 20 to 30 cl of balsamic vinegar in a saucepan.

Add 30g of sugar and let it caramelize

Using a fork (or a small wooden shovel…and with your kids because it’s fun), dip the mozzarella cubes in the caramel vinegar and then drizzle over the tomatoes (they will soften!).

To prepare the whipped mozzarella cream

There is a little trick. Stracciatella, inside, takes in the heart of a burrata.

Top it with whipped cream and you can even chop up a little basil to incorporate into this whipped cream.

Here it is … balsamic caramel vinaigrette or whipped cream stracciatella, it’s a little more complicated, but not more complicated. We do both or just one of them. We try, we risk, we miss, we enjoy and we give it. As the philosopher Gregory Cohen says: “In short, we cook”

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