Discover the recipe for an antioxidant and detoxifying beauty elixir that will give you dream skin

Caring for your skin starts from within. In addition to investing in high-quality cosmetics, it seems above all that it is necessary to ensure that our bodies are healthy. Based on A holistic approach to beauty, so make sure you shine outside while feeling good with yourself. So it is a whole way of life to rethink, in order to perform a facelift in the literal and figurative sense. And that includes food, which contributes more than you think to making our skin radiant.

which – which, Sophia Manousha Understood so well, this wellness enthusiast, who also works as an actress and director, drips onto her website. MyBeautyFuelFoodTogether with her sister, she founded many skin care and wellness tips, as well as recipes to incorporate into your daily life to benefit your skin and body. Her approach aims to be guilt-free, positive and inspiring, so that everyone is concerned about the concept of nutritional beauty.

A drink of a thousand virtues

His recipes give prominence to superfoods, adaptogenic botanicals as well as antioxidant-rich ingredients rich in virtues. Among these we find his “Beauty Elixir”, A hydrating, thirst-quenching drink that promises to bring instant radiance to the skin. Easy to prepare without a blender, this sweet drink consists of coconut water, famous for its high potassium content, but also chia seeds, an excellent appetite suppressant, full of omega-3s, to nourish the skin and deeply moisturize the hair. To taste dried hibiscus flowers, but not only, are rich in vitamin C, and one of its main functions is to help in the production of collagen.

Discover Sophia Manusha’s “Beauty Elixir” recipe

ingredients :

Coconut water

– Half a teaspoon of chia seeds

-1 teaspoon dried hibiscus flower

recipe :

Soak chia seeds in coconut water for 10 minutes.

Soak dried hibiscus flowers in boiling water and leave for 6-8 minutes. Filter and leave standing.

In a cup, add coconut water

Pour into the bottom of the hibiscus herbal tea

Add the chia seeds and then a few ice cubes


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