Discover these 7 recipes for appetizers that are super easy to prepare and enjoy casually

It is not always easy Find the recipe that will make the difference. But you’ll see that simpler is often better! Especially those who have achieved the most success. After all, your guests not only want to eat, but also want to be able to reproduce at home which made an appetizing dinner a success.

However, with the suggestions that you will find in this article, results are guaranteed! It’s time to wow the gallery with simple recipes that are made in no time. You will change the rules of tapas by serving it Sweet or savory snacks. Objeko It tells you everything about the procedure to follow!

Fresh recipe ideas for summer dinner appetizers

To make these recipes that we extracted from experts in the field, our colleagues from the site scullionyou will not have No need for fancy ingredients. Not even complicated cooking skills. In fact, these tapas are quite achievable beginners This is the full attraction of these achievements.

in list Aperitif dinner in summerYou will find Small bits and crunchy vegetables but also creamy sauces and delicious toast. There will be something for everyone. And if the recipes presented here are exclusively delicious, then nothing prevents you from adapting them to your liking for a sweet note at the end of the tasting.

The last ingredient before discovering the recipes in detail, remember Take care of your presentation. Pretty plates can do just as well as pretty trays or pretty plates. For crunchy veggies, colorful little plates are a must to keep the summer party going. Also, remember to provide enough wooden skewers and napkins. after every thing, Objeko It reminds you that the goal is for your guests to enjoy themselves without plates or cutlery.

Appetite will be unanimous

The first recipes are completely married Ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes On slices, lightly toasted and rubbed with garlic, from country bread. Fresh basil leaves and croutons are ready to eat.

Blinis are also your allies to diversify the bread and serve the original appetizers. scullion Then reveals a Revisit the croque monsieur recipe Thanks to his toast. All you need is cheese and ham to make this tapas that kids will love.

Then comes the dips. For dipping crunchy veggies, french fries or even breadsticks, they are essential to a successful appetizing dinner. recipes thatObjeko Drawn are the ones of humus (with chickpeas) and basic guacamole. Q Vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers are the essentials. But cauliflower is also popular.

Finally, for Mini BitesJust let your imagination run wild. in quilling leaves or the puff pastryWhat flavors do you want? menus in sausage Among the main recipes for this type of event.

Less classic, you can spread garlic and cheeseAdd a slice of ham and salad to the fajitas. Roll everything up, prick it with a toothpick and cut it into bite-size pieces before serving on a pretty plate. For more details, management scullion !

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