Disney Dreamlight Valley: Jogger with Pepper, What’s the Recipe?

Disney Dreamlight ValleyDeveloped and published by Gameloft, it gives players the opportunity to prepare various dishes. In this article, we tell you what it is Pepper cougar recipedetailing the necessary components.

Gougères with peppers at Disney Dreamlight Valley

to cook the meal Pepper cougarThere are some basic requirements. In fact, it is necessary to open the ratatouille. This requires going to his kingdom, through the castle of dreams, and carrying out the first tasks of said character. Once you build a ratatouille and access the items it sells, you’ll be able to get two out of the three ingredients needed to make Pepper cougar.

The third resource requires opening the Forest of Courage biome. If you do not know how to unlock new areas, in Disney Dreamlight ValleyKnow that we tell you how to do it in a dedicated guide.

To prepare the dish Pepper cougarYou must have the components listed below. Every time, we tell you where to find/buy it.

  • pepper
    • Location: Purchased from Goofy’s Stand, located in the Forest of Courage.
      • Cost: 12 coins/seeds.
  • egg
    • Location: Purchased at Ratatouille “Chez Remy”.
      • Cost: 220 coins each.
  • cheese
    • Location: Purchased at Ratatouille “Chez Remy”.
      • Cost: 180 coins each.

Once you have these ingredients in your possession, all you have to do is interact with a cooking station (the one in your home or at Remy’s). Dip these resources into the pot in front of you and click “Start Cooking” (which requires coal).

From then on, I usually got Pepper cougar, a 3-star dish, with an in-game description of “puffy pie stuffed with pepper”. Eat Pepper cougar Returns 1272 energy. Selling this dish will get 606 Star Coins.

Let’s remember, finally, that Disney Dreamlight Valley Available, in early access, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. The title can be found on Xbox Game Pass as well. If you are starting your adventure on Gameloft title, know that we have prepared several guides that can help you a lot.

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