Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ratatouille, what’s the recipe?

In order to cook different meals, on Disney Dreamlight ValleyIt is necessary to find in advance the recipe for the said dish. In this topic, to save time, we reveal Recipe ratatouilleindicating the required components.

Ratatouille at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

cook ratatouille on me Disney Dreamlight Valley It can be quite complex because many ingredients, which can be found in the various biomes of the valley, are required. However, without further ado, here is a recipe ratatouille And the resources needed to prepare the aforementioned dish:

  • Tomatoes
    • Location: Seeds and tomatoes to be purchased via Goofy’s Pavilion in Enchanted Beach.
      • cost:
        • Seeds: 8 pieces / star unit.
        • Tomato: 33 star pieces / unit.
  • eggplant
    • Location: Seeds purchased from Goofy’s Pavilion in the Chilled Heights biome.
      • cost:
        • Seeds: 95 coins / unit.
  • zucchini
    • Location: Seeds and zucchini are purchased via Goofy’s Pavilion, on the Sunny Plateau.
      • cost:
        • Seeds: 30 coins/unit.
        • Zucchini: 78 star pcs/lot.
  • an onion
    • Location: Purchased from Goofy’s booth in Forest of Courage.
  • Oregano (or another type of spice)
    • Location: The assembly is in the Esplanade area.

From the moment you have all of these ingredients in your inventory, all you have to do is cook them. To do this, go to a cooking station (of your choice). Interact with and select all of these resources. Finally, click “Start Cooking” (charcoal is necessary).

So you usually get ratatouilleIt is a 5-star dish and is described as follows: A colorful plate of cooked vegetables Note, in conclusion, that eating a dish of ratatouille It allows you to recover 1,572 energy. On the other hand, selling them will allow you to get 914 star coins.

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