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Pancakes are among the different dishes that players can prepare for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some are salty and some are sweet. In this guide, we explain the recipe subordinate red raspberry pieIndicating the products needed to prepare this dessert.

Red Fruit Tart Recipe at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

cooking red raspberry pieon me Disney Dreamlight ValleyTurns out, it’s not too difficult, actually. However, note that it is absolutely necessary to unlock the character of Ratatouille, and thus go to his kingdom. In fact, by carrying out Remy’s first tasks, you will build his restaurant. And so, from now on, you will have access to the pantry, the only place where you can get butter. The other ingredients are relatively easy to find.

  • wheat
    • Location: Seeds and wheat to be purchased from Goofy’s Stand in Quiet Meadow.
      • cost:
        • Seeds: 1 coin / unit.
        • Wheat: 3 pieces / unit.
  • Raspberry
    • Location: Gather at Tranquil Meadow and/or Esplanade.
  • ghee
    • Location: Purchased by Ratatouille’s “Chez Remy” restaurant store.
      • Cost: 190 coins/unit.

Note that we tried to replace Raspberry with Blueberry. Using this fruit, you will not get a file red raspberry pie But another dessert.

However, once you have collected all the above ingredients, go to the cooking station and interact with them. Select the listed products and click “Start Cooking”.

Usually you get a file red raspberry pieIt is a 3 star dessert. It is described as: Hot pie with red filling and flavored with fruits FYI, know that eating a red raspberry pie Returns 1047 energy. Selling it gives you 297 Star Coins.

Finally, remember that Disney Dreamlight Valley Available on PlayStation and Xbox, but also on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Gameloft title is in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Several clues related to Disney Dreamlight Valleywhich can help you, are available in our columns.

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