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To perform various missions or to restore energy, players will have to prepare dishes, desserts and drinks Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, this requires gathering the appropriate ingredients and, above all, figuring out the recipe for this or that meal. In the following, you can find tuna maki recipeon the title Gameloft.

Tuna Maki recipe at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

As you will see below, in order to do tuna makiYou will need ingredients found in specific biomes, including Sunny Plateau, Bayou of Confidence, or Forgotten Lands. Anyway, here’s what you need to prepare a file tuna maki :

  • rice
    • Location: Purchased from Goofy’s kiosk in Bayou de la Confiance.
      • cost:
        • Seeds: 35 coins / unit.
  • soy
    • Location: Purchased from Goofy’s Suite on Sunny Plateau.
      • cost:
        • Seeds: 60 coins / unit.
        • Soybeans: 104 star coins/unit.
  • tuna
    • Location: Fish in water areas of the Forgotten Lands or Bayou of Trust.
  • seaweed
    • Location: caught in bodies of water.

After collecting all the above ingredients, all you have to do is head to the cooking station. Interact with the mentioned items and drop them into the pot in front of you. Finally, click “Start Cooking” (charcoal required).

So I got a file tuna maki It is a 4 star dish. The in-game description reads: Mini sushi rolls are perfect for eating on the go If you decide to eat a tuna maki, recovers 984 energy. On the other hand, selling them earns you 366 Star Coins. Note that for the Scar quest, titled “ You don’t eat your friends You will need to make this dish.

Available in early access since September 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley It can be found on PlayStation and Xbox but also on PC and Nintendo Switch consoles. The game is also included in Xbox Game Pass. If you are starting your adventure on Gameloft title, know that we have prepared several guides that can help you.

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