Disney Dreamlight Valley: Vegan Pasta, What’s the Recipe?

on me Disney Dreamlight ValleyCooking is an important element of the gameplay. Moreover, players will have to cook many dishes. However, he just found a recipe for each of them. In this new guide, we explain how to do it vegetable pastaI tell you the recipe And the Necessary components.

Disney Dreamlight Valley vegan pasta recipe

cooking vegetable pastaon me Disney Dreamlight Valley, is not very complicated. Moreover, it is very easy to find the required components. However, one of them can only be obtained in a very specific biome, the Enchanted Beach. Unlocking new areas in the valley requires progression on the main game mission, thus getting a few hours of gameplay to calculate your balance. Additionally, note that it’s best to purchase all of the improvements for Goofy’s Stands, in order to have access to all the products the character has for sale.

To prepare the dish vegetable pastaYou must have the following components. Carrots are optional because they can be replaced with any other vegetable. However, it is very easy to obtain.

  • carrot
    • Location (seeds): Via Goofy’s Stand, at Tranquil Meadow.
  • wheat
    • Location (seeds): Via Goofy’s Stand, at Tranquil Meadow.
  • Tomatoes
    • Location (seeds and tomatoes): Across Goofy’s Stand, on Enchanted Beach.

Once you have these resources in your inventory, head to the cooking station. You can go to your home or to the restaurant in Ratatouille, called “Chez Remy”. Put all these ingredients in the pot in front of you and click “Start Cooking” (charcoal required).

you usually vegetable pastaIt is a 3 star dish. The description of the mentioned dish is as follows: Pasta and vegetables in a light sauce “. Eat vegetable pasta Returns 223 energy. Selling the dish allows you to redeem 93 star coins (each).

We recall that Disney Dreamlight Valley Available, in early access, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. The title can be found on Xbox Game Pass as well. If you are starting your adventure on Gameloft title, know that we have prepared several guides that can help you a lot.

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