DIY Highlighter: Vegetable Oil-Based Recipe

in the family Cosmetics do it yourselfToday, we askDIY Highlighter ! Focus on this element of our makeup routine and how Make a homemade highlighter based on vegetable oil.

Why use a highlighter?

If you are a fan of makeup, then you necessarily know highlighters. Also known as French Illuminator, it is used to illuminate, tone and brighten your complexion. To get that luminous complexion, you’ll find them in different shapes and textures (powder, cream, stick, liquid, etc.) and in different shades that adapt to your complexion. Shades of beige, pink and gold, it’s up to you to choose the shade that will bring you this radiate It worked but nevertheless normal!

How to make a highlighter pen yourself?

Because we love to do it yourself, and equally appreciate knowing the ingredients we use for our skin, we are followers DIY cosmetics. so this Homemade highlighterWe’ll do it ourselves! For this, the secret is to use a file Vegetable oil ; Each has different virtues. Jojoba oil, for example, is used for its moisturizing and smoothing power, without leaving a greasy film. It is also ideal for removing makeup. In the same way, avocado oil has the peculiarity of working on the elasticity of the skin while giving it a natural luster. Grape seed oil is also ideal for a DIY Highlighter Because it fights cellular aging. For repair, this shimmering oil is also often used for hair cosmetics. Other essential natural ingredients? Vegetable wax and mica powder. One will have the ability to hold lotions and provide texture while depositing a protective layer on the skin. While the other will bring that essential shine to you DIY Highlighter.

In short, by choosing a natural recipe, Homemade highlighter It will not only brighten your skin, but take care of it. Glossy cheekbones and glowing skin are yours!

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