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Bitter cocktails are enjoying increasing success with consumers. Made from various aromatic plant extracts, myrrh is used in the composition of many cocktails, such as the Manhattan.

What is bitter?

Born in the 19th century, in New Orleans, myrrh (also talking about gallbladder) were drugs originally intended to strengthen the immune system and fight fatigue. One day, an apothecary named Antoine Bechaud had an idea to add a few drops to liquor, their rich, spicy and spicy flavors blending wonderfully. The success of cocktail drinks has not been denied since then. Some even made it a specialty and it is now possible to find whole sets of bitters on the web.

Even if every brand jealously protects its recipe, all bitters have in common that they consist of alcohol infused with different plants, such as gentian root, quinine, absinthe, or angustura root and bark.

Angostura, the necessary bitter

Angostura is the most used and appreciated myrrh for making bitter cocktails. Especially found in Manhattan, champagne cocktail or mojito. It has been marketed all over the world since the 19th century.

Originally from Venezuela, it took its name from the city of Angostura, where it was created by a German doctor. The composition of Angostura bitters is a real mystery, because only four people in the world know the recipe. But what we do know is that it contains about 44 plants!

Angostura bitters are dark brown in color and have a strong, aromatic and slightly sweet flavour. You can easily find it everywhere for about fifteen euros.

As a rule, between 2 and 6 drops of myrrh are used in each cocktail. After this amount, the flavors become very strong and can quickly become unpleasant.

Angostura liqueurs are used in many classic cocktails such as the Manhattan, Martini, or Old Fashioned.

2 bittersweet cocktail recipe ideas

Let’s put what we’ve learned into practice, with two cocktail recipes prepared from myrrh.


Mix 4 cl of bourbon in a shaker, 2 cl of a red martini and 5 drops of Angostura. Add ice cubes and serve immediately. You’ll also find some differences here.

Creole mojito

In the bottom of a glass, crush half a lemon, 1 tablespoon of cane sugar, a few fresh mint leaves and 3 drops of Angostura. Add 6 cl of white rum at 40 degrees, crushed ice and cover with sparkling water before enjoying

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