Do you know the natural recipe to combat aphids with dishwashing liquid? Infallible, cheap and tested

Aphids settle everywhere on all kinds of plants, as well as on fruit trees and vegetables. These tiny creatures can cause significant damage to plants and future crops. Hence the need to get rid of it as soon as possible. In order not to use chemicals, there are several tricks that Grandma uses. Today, we are going to highlight a natural aphid with dishwashing liquid. This technology has been tested and approved by professional gardeners, as well as has no impact on the environment and the plant. You will also find in our article some preventive tips.

Aphid infestations can damage the entire crop

What exactly is manna?

Aphids are sucking parasitic insects. There are quite a few varieties: black, green, yellow, rooted, woolly, flour. They feed on plant sap, whether they are leaves, roots, stems or buds. In this way, aphids weaken the plant. Small creatures are also carriers of viruses and diseases.

Most aphids stick to the same type of plant

Insects of red roses

Why do aphids get on plants?

The period that helps their growth extends from spring to autumn. It is established that weak plants are more susceptible to attack by aphids. Another important factor to consider for the emergence of colonies of aphids is the lack of helpers. Nitrogen-rich soil can encourage aphid infestation. Almost all types of plants are affected. Fruit trees such as apple trees or apricots. Vegetables such as cabbage and celery are not immune to insects.

Roses are the preferred victims of aphids

Dishwashing liquid – a powerful natural insecticide

Opinions vary about the natural methods in our household: black soap, vinegar, and baking soda. For some, they have efficiency, but everything remains completely relative. According to some testimonials, natural aphids with dishwashing liquid are more effective than black soap. Because the mixture with dishwashing liquid will kill insects. This is possible, because fatty acids damage the permeability of cells. Therefore, the liquid enters more easily and kills insects. On the other hand, it is necessary to spray regularly until the complete disappearance of parasites. For quick removal, spray with water to which you have added a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

This remedy is effective against all types of aphids

botanical gains salon spray

Mixture of garlic and dishwashing liquid against aphids

The use of garlic against aphids is well known. But combining the two can be more effective. Here is the recipe, soak garlic in a water bottle for two days. Then dilute it in one water and add 3 drops of dishwashing liquid. In this way, the aphids will be dried. Spraying should be repeated every day. There you have it, a cheap trick that works like thunder.

This trick is perfect for killing aphids on roses

Powerful Liquid Insecticide Washing Hand Spray Black Aphid Green Plant

What prevention to avoid the infestation of aphids?

You are not safe from aphid infestation. However, there are a few things you can consider up front and put the odds in your favor.

# Ensure the biodiversity of your plants

The good news is that aphids have enemies in nature: earwigs, ladybirds, hovercraft. So plant more flowers, live hedges and keep old trees. But among all of them, it was the beetles that took first place.

Ladybug is a loyal ally against aphids

leaves ladybird aphids

# Pay attention to the cultivation of your plants

You have to be careful about the fertilizer you use. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers at all costs. Irregular irrigation, heavy plantings, or monocultures support aphids’ reproduction.

Soil quality is an important factor in preventing aphids

Prevent Ani soil vegetable vegetable garden hands

# Remove small shoots

On contaminated plants, you can cut off the contaminated ends. This method is recommended for fast-growing plants. Another quick solution is to spray the affected areas with a very strong stream of water.

Garlic with washing up liquid is a powerful natural repellent

How to get rid of aphids with washing up liquid and garlic bowl

# Use natural methods

Obviously, chemicals should not be avoided. A decoction of rhubarb leaves is very popular in the fight against aphids. You also have other ways to get rid of aphids in another article.

Plant lavender at the foot of your roses to keep aphids away

How to scare away aphids, pink lavender, and curbstone

In short, using natural aphid repellent with dishwashing liquid is a natural and inexpensive alternative. A combination of two tricks greatly increases your chances of killing unwanted insects. React quickly, because aphids multiply very quickly. Good luck dear amateur gardeners in your fight. You’ll get there by following our good advice.


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Tomato plants are also affected by aphid infestations

Boiled rhubarb is as effective as a natural aphid with dishwashing liquid

How are natural aphids made?

When there are the two of us, things go faster, right?

green leaf beetles

Plant marigolds to keep aphids away

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