Dull Hair: Inspired by Grandma’s recipe, this hair care promises to give shine

If you want to lighten your hair without going through the bleaching step, here are the proven lightening sprays. It’s inspired by Grandma’s recipe plus it’s rated 100/100 on Yuka’s, what could be better?

Finally, say goodbye to your dull hair! Bleaching your hair to add some light to your hair by a professional can be expensive. This process can also weaken the hair fiber. Sure, the sun can help lighten it, but it’s not the best idea for your hair. UVs aren’t really your friends. What other option to adopt? There is a lightening treatment, from Grandma’s recipe created in 1954 that is perfect for recovery Very shiny hair.

This grandmother’s recipe eliminates dull hair

Brand Pioupiou by blondie created a skin lightening treatment, Made with Grandma’s recipe. In this preparation there is a set of flowers with miraculous powers: Chamomile with lightening effects, cornflower that neutralizes yellow and neroli with moisturizing and revitalizing properties. The combination of these flowers provides a natural sunburn effect on the hair, in 5 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide contained in the composition highlights the lightening of hair color. Its role is to penetrate the hair cortex to act directly on the pigment responsible for the natural color of the hair.

Blonde, brunette, redhead: Is this the lightening treatment for me?

This lotion is not just for blondes. In fact, the care of the brand Pioupiou by blondie is also suitable for brunettes, with highlights or sweep, with a Brazilian smoothing … People with dry, damaged and brittle hair can also take advantage of its moisturizing benefits to rejuvenate great hair Healthy and bright. The ShouldThis lightening treatment is rated 100/100 on the Yuka app, which evaluates the health impact of products. This spraying is done manually in a small workshop in southern Belgium. What could be better than an artisanal product made with love that sells for €34.95?

How do you use this lightening treatment to get a great sweeping effect?

The brand recommends applying the lotion to damp hair without rinsing it off. You can target the areas you want to lighten. For example, highlight the front locks for a very natural effect of the hair contour. Then dry your hair with a heat source. This process must be repeated several times until you get the shade of your dreams. However, the interval between the operation is two to three days. Your hair will be sunny even in winter!

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Blondie PiouPiou Brightening Treatment for Radiant Hair

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