Easy Appetizing Ideas: 3 Refreshing Watermelon-Based Slicing Recipes

Yellow or green, the watermelon at the time should be appetizing. Since we always tend to present them in the same way i.e. in slices, here are some easy ideas for making a change.

Watermelon in summer we eat every day. As an appetizer, it’s even a star Because Don’t make you fat – unlike potato chips – and in addition, refresh. To freshen up and get away from the classic watermelon served in cubes, we’ve found three quick and easy ideas present watermelon.

1. Serve the watermelon on skewers

Always very practical skewers An ideal companion for watermelon, whose flesh is very tough. To change small squares of watermelon, we make them with a Parisian spoon yellow watermelon balls Charentais type. Then they are rolled into a file Fresh goat cheese Betty-billy-type to form a beautiful layer around the ball. For decoration and also for taste, we roll the watermelon balls again covered with cheese in a plate Peeled and crushed pistachios in a mortar. All that remains is to stick a skewer on each watermelon ball and serve it on a beautiful plate!

2 – Serve watermelon in a mille-feuille

The Good performance of watermelon It is allowed to refuse it into beautiful slices and to make elegant mille-feuilles. Inspired by a suggested recipe from Watermelon from Haut Poitou IGP, Here’s how to make a beautiful composition. Cut several slices of watermelon 2 to 3 cm long. Cut out the circles with a cookie cutter or glass. Reservation. Prepare a mixture Goat cheese and dill. Reservation. Cut slices of smoked salmon the same diameter as the watermelon rings. Then put a slice of watermelon, salmon slice Then a spoonful of fresh cheese to make a mille-feuille, and finish with watermelon. Grab the skewer and serve chilled.

Watermelon from Haut-Poitou PGI

3- Serve pre-cut watermelon

Well, this is the most classic way to serve watermelon, but if you so choose Green watermelon changes everything! Cut the watermelon in half and remove its seeds. Cut each half into 4 wedges again. Pre-cut the pieces and then put them back on their bark. On each piece, fold a piece of raw pork and catch it with the dropper. A presentation can also be declined cut watermelonThere is also to play with colors!


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