Easy Dinner Recipes (No Cooking Needed)

The bounty of summer is vibrant and delicious on its own, it’s easy and fun to forego cooking by making produce of the season the star of the dish. For a satisfying meal like the one you spent all day cooking, focus on smart shopping and art collecting. Here’s the formula to keep in mind: Choose at least one raw, overripe fruit or vegetable, processed protein, starch and seasonings, and combine them into a large salad, generous toast, creamy dip, or plentiful snack tray.

By keeping just one or two ingredients from each of the categories below on hand, you have what you need to put together a complete no-cook meal in minutes. You ultimately want to combine contrasting textures, such as soft tofu with thinly sliced ​​peas, so be sure to choose a mix of basics that are crunchy, creamy, and juicy. On top of the standard pantry seasoning, also choose favorites for an instant boost, such as herbed goat cheese.

Raw fruits and vegetables: watermelon, berries, citrus, avocado; crunchy vegetables such as cucumbers, peas and radishes; leafy greens such as bok choy, kale, and soft greens; And other summer food items like corn, peppers and zucchini.

Prepared proteins: cooked or cured meats such as roast chicken, prosciutto, and jerky; Canned tuna or salmon. smoked salmon or trout; canned beans; chickpeas; tofu; Nuts, seeds and butter. Soft or hard dairy products such as yogurt, ricotta, fresh cream or Parmesan, manchego, and cheddar cheese.

Carbohydrates: Bread, chips, crackers, rice cakes, pretzels, corn nuts and other snacks that make you smile.

spices: Oil, vinegar, salt and pepper are necessary, but consider ground spices and spice blends (everything – bagel seasoning, thyme); salty items such as pickles, olives and capers; Sauces such as mustard, hot sauce, chile oil, fish sauce, and mayonnaise.

Arrange your ingredients in one of the formats below, following the no-recipe recipes or creating your own. Cold food and raw produce require a lot of salt to bring out their flavour, so remember to taste and adjust seasonings before serving.

Big Powers: Include a variety of fats, starches and proteins to gain weight. The sauce can be as simple as oil and vinegar or as complex as creamy blue cheese.

  • Soak shallots and nectarines in lemon juice, then mix with spinach, shredded chicken and pita chips. Eat it with yoghurt sauce and goat cheese. (See the recipe.)

  • Combine cooked lentils, mashed raw green beans, sliced ​​apricots, fresh mint leaves and walnuts with blue cheese dressing. Spread over crushed rosemary biscuits.

  • Combine sliced ​​raw shito peppers and green onions with canned tuna and canned white beans. Add lemon juice, peel and toasted sesame oil. Put on top of the nori rice crackers.

toast: Put the toppings on the bread, using something creamy like ricotta or hummus to help hold the ingredients together in the toast. Or fold, roll, or sandwich toppings in tortillas, pita, lavash, or flat bread.

  • Mix fresh corn kernels with chopped cantaloupe, cilantro, salami and almonds. Pour over split baguette with spoon with ricotta cheese. (See the recipe.)

  • Layer avocado, sprouts, chickpeas, feta slices and jalapeno pickles between potato buns.

  • Spread mayonnaise on pumpernickel bread, then top with canned sardines, sliced ​​bok choy, grated Parmesan cheese and toasted sesame seeds.

Cardiac failures: Make a protein-rich dip with mashed beans, silken tofu, nut butter, smoked fish or meat.

  • Serve smoked salmon with cucumber, tomato, bagel chips and pickled vegetables. (See the recipe.)

  • Stir in the fresh corn, ricotta cheese, and nougat together. Use radish and multigrain crackers for dipping.

  • Dip seven layers using canned black beans, then serve with tortillas and spicy potato chips.

Snack trays: Arrange the ingredients skillfully on a baking sheet or plate, and look, you’ve made dinner.

  • Assemble a main appetizer with celery, avocado, bacon, mozzarella, focaccia, pickled pepper, and mustard.

  • Drizzle raw beets with vinegar and serve alongside grapes, smoked salmon, pastrami, cheddar cheese, pretzel chips and sauerkraut.

  • Stir in white beans with harissa and top with tomatoes, watermelon, mint, almonds, goat cheese and olive bread.

Now that the dinner question has been answered, what will you do with your spare time? Sunset sucks? Chasing an ice cream truck? Think about what not to cook for dinner tomorrow?

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