Esteban has the recipe. Esteban has the recipe

Football – Esteban has the recipe

A key player on the Geispolsheim (R1) track in the Coupe de France, goalkeeper Esteban Camilleri (24) dreams of guiding his team to this feat, on Saturday (6pm) against Louhans-Cuiseaux (N2).

This is called winning. At the same time that Sebastian Stam and Jespolsheim were looking for a new goalkeeper for the 2022-2023 season, Esteban Camilleri decided to leave one of Vauban’s clubs where he has not walked much recently.

“I was looking for a health club with an ambitious project”

“This opportunity came at just the right time,” says the 24-year-old janitor. I was coming out of a difficult year in Vauban and was looking for a health club with an ambitious project. This is what I found in Geispolsheim. »

He was limited to an alternate role in Sarre-Union (2018-2020) and then during most of his time in Vauban (2020-2022), “Jamal Favorite Fire me in the second half of last season,” Esteban Camilleri started the new workout for the first time in a racket shoe.

training fibers

“It’s a completely different situation, the Pfastatt native admits. You find yourself doing your best to keep your place, and you’re not winning it anymore. There’s also more pressure. So far, it’s going really well. I was fortunate to have joined a good team. It features wonderful men.”

The one who wore the Pfastatt, SR Colmar, Wittenheim or even FC Mulhouse jerseys in his younger years at Haut-Rhin and then his career details. He explains: “I arrived in Strasbourg after getting my bac to get my STAPS certificate. I was even part of the university team with well-known players in the region. (Thomas Schall, Jeremy Seykota, Bastian Remp or other Valentine Huber). »

Meanwhile, Esteban Camilleri has devoted time to starting his coaching career by pursuing BMF (Certificate Football Coach) coaching. “I had Vauban U14 R1s last season. He was my mentor, Jamal, and I learned a lot from him. I decided to put it all on hold to dedicate myself to my career as a player. But in the future, I really want to continue passing certifications.”

Meanwhile, Geispolsheim rubbed his hands. Rather irregular in his R1 Championship (6e Venue), the President’s Club Nous shines on the other hand in the Coupe de France. He owes a huge debt to his new guardian.

During the penalty shootout at 4e and 6e Laps, Esteban Camilleri successively blocked two attempts against Weyersheim, then one against Sarrebourg. “I have always liked this exercise, he recognizes the former Saar-Unionnais with a smile. She worked with me twice and helped the team. There is nothing better for a goalkeeper. Penalties are a matter of feeling. It may be part of the lottery, but it is also part of the analysis.”

“Never two without three?”

In this regard, he tells an anecdote that happened while preparing for his match against Sarburg. “I am a person who likes to watch what is happening in other clubs. And there, by catching up on their Facebook page, I discovered a video of their 5 sessione Tour against Feuerbach. I don’t know if it helped me, but I analyzed it well (Laugh). »

A big fan of Paris goalkeeper Keylor Navas and German Marc-Andre ter Stegen – “I love playing with kicks” – Esteban Camilleri tries to take on the “best goalkeepers”.

Also among his former associates, such as Louis Deschateaux at Sarre-Union, “became a friend”. And even from his father Fabrice, “a former goalkeeper from the Mulhouse region, he taught me a lot.”

Valuable tip you won’t be much, on Saturday, when playing his first 7e circular. “I made one with Sarre-Union against Créteil (Defeat 0-2 on November 16, 2019, editor’s note). , but she was on the bench. »

And if it is necessary to pass through the penalty area to eliminate Louhans-Cuiseaux (N2), Esteban Camilleri will be ready. Anyway, he already has the recipe. “Never two without three?”

Julian Rimeter

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