Fantasy Burger Crispy Chicken Burger: How do you get the recipe?

Looking for the recipe for Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy, but can’t find it? No hassles, in this guide we explain how to get it easily. We will also focus on the location of the various ingredients required for this recipe, you will see that it is not very complicated. So, without further ado, put on your apron, because a culinary career awaits!

Crispy chicken burger recipe

This recipe can be obtained very easily, especially by making creations in the kitchen. In fact, if you want to know a recipe without having to buy it or complete a secondary task, just put the recipe ingredients into the bowl. However, you don’t have to follow the recipe literally for quantities, because even if a recipe only asked you for two eggs for example, you would have to put in 15 eggs to have a 100% chance of success with the recipe without knowing it. Therefore, put a large amount of ingredients in order for the recipe that you do not know yet will definitely succeed.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to follow the recipe in terms of the required ingredients! Otherwise, you will have to taste terrible soup: put the right ingredients, but in more quantity until you reach level 15.

Now that this point has been detailed, it is now time to focus on this crispy chicken burger recipe. Fortunately, it is not a very complicated recipe to reproduce, since the ingredients can be collected from the very beginning of the game.

Crispy chicken burger

. Homi seeds x1
. Poultry X1
. salad x1

Where do you find the ingredients for making a crispy chicken burger?

All components can be found anywhere in the Fantasy Tower. However, Astra remains the best area to find homie salad and beans, because this area mainly consists of plains and hills that help harvest these ingredients. As for poultry, all you have to do is kill the birds and harvest their meat!

What are the effects of a crispy chicken burger?

The crunchy chicken burger is not exceptionally tasty. In fact, it regenerates 7 points of satiety and regenerates (12% + 3300) health points of the explorer. After all, this is not a bad thing, because the components required for its manufacture are easy to obtain, especially in Astra.

fantasy tower

By putting this burger in the bar of healing actions, you will be able to enjoy some life. Even if this recipe is not ideal for increasing the feeling of satiety, it will be useful to accompany you in the fight.

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