Ferias Arles generates approximately €12 million in revenue each year

Merchants, worried about a possible abolition of the bullfight, voted on Thursday, and Ferias Arles is generating significant economic benefits for the city. This represents 12 million euros in revenue each year. In the city of bullfighting, everything revolves around bullfighting.

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La Féria is a real goose that lays the golden eggs of Arles. This is a tradition rooted in the Camargue and an economy running at full speed.

At the Hôtel le Calendal, whose details reach key chains, in the shape of bulls’ heads, the turnover doubles during the nightclub period. With 350,000 visitors a year, and not far from the squares, to get a room you have to book in advance. Here it is no longer available.

I have a schedule for 2023, which is where all the names of my regular clients are. It’s a kind of moral contract between us and them, because they came 30 years ago, and I don’t ask them for anything.Cecile Jacquemin, Director of the Foundation, explains.

Between the Easter Feria and the Rice Feria, tourists spend an average of €55 per day. And Feria brings profits not only to hoteliers, but also to restaurateurs.

At the Waux-Hall family brewery, during the Feria tenure, turnover quadrupled. Ten more people join the team. “On a classic Sunday we’ll say we can make 100-150 wrappers, over the Eid period it’s more like 350-400Sandrine Arnaud, director of the brewery, says.

Most traders rub their hands. Even the baker gets his share of the pie. For Abdelhamid Kharchash of Oriental Bakery, “If there is no feria then nothing at all, close and sell the bakery.”

Between them, the ferries generate €12 million in economic benefits. Easter weekend without celebration means 30% less revenue.

According to Sebastien Aponio, he was elected vice-tourist of Arles “Without bullfighting, there would be no feria. Even if all the participants in the bullfight did not come, we know that this is the trigger. Often we know that enthusiasts do not come alone and that these comrades spend, consume and visit both the city and the surrounding area, and so it is clear That the consequences will be dire, in terms of direct and indirect economic impact. “

For Dominique Arizmendi, a member of the No corrida association in Arles, “There are bouts without bullfighting, which are successful and have as many spectators as those who watch them. People go to the Alfiery to have fun, drink, eat and dance.”

According to her, in France, there are approximately 5 to 7% of people who go to feria and bullfighting. “People go to bullfights less and less and it is quite possible to catch a fever without bullfighting. Just look at Fréjus, Carcassonne and Palavas, where there are no more bullfights but there are still many peopleshe insists.

France of the Bulls remains the locomotive of the economy of the entire South. The bill to abolish bullfighting will be submitted to the National Assembly for a vote on Thursday.

LFI MP Aymeric Caron’s bill to ban bullfighting will be debated in the National Assembly on November 24. A “course” of bullfighting is a “threat” to those who live by the practice. In the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region, this tradition is deeply rooted.

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