FFL recipe: How do you lose to Austria tonight?

With a record zero wins in four games and already out of the Final Four, France face Austria tonight in the Nations League. In the last home game of the year and two months after the World Cup, a small defeat would be a bad thing, wouldn’t it?

That is why we will help the Blues find the necessary elements to lose at home to the 33rd country in the FIFA rankings.

France and Austria, a match at stake (yeah, that’s right)

Since its inception in 2018, the League of Nations has joined the very closed circuit of competitions whose flavor is reminiscent of a bowl of warm water. Among them, we can especially name the late Intertoto Cup (and we’re still having a great time), the 2012 Handball Golden League, the Autumn Rugby Nations Cup (2020) and now the Davis Cup in tennis since Gerard Pique decided it. Spoiling the only competition the French can win.

In short, we would be inclined to say to ourselves: What’s the point of losing because no one cares about the League of Nations? »

Should they finish last in their group and relegate the French team to the second division, it could further complicate qualification for Euro 2024. The Blues could be placed in hat 2, exposing themselves to a fate similar to that of the Italians. world Cup.

But preparations for such a fiasco are being made in the long run, game by game, brick by brick. It starts tonight. A review of the planetary alignment that could allow us to win tonight’s defeat (in a fictional and hardly fictional FFL world).

Guardians: Soft rescue hand, our only hope

The absence of Hugo Lloris who suffers from a right thigh injury is a thorn in his side. Without the captain with 139 caps, Mike Minnian would be a timer in the cages. We remember his soft hand in Modric’s penalty in his last match. A performance that must be repeated tonight, at the same Stade de France, to see a glimmer of hope.

In the best of the worlds

Mike Minnian decided to honor his initials from double m From Marvin Martin with great air control on a back pass from Badiashell. Austria target.

Defenders: They bet everything on the pressure of the beginnings

Compared to the Blues’ last match against Croatia, three of the five defenders sent by Didier Deschamps lost; Konaté, Kimpembe, Digne. If injuries really did take care of ruining the French team’s defense, it wouldn’t be worth adding a small push on the ground for the Austrians.

In the center of defence, Benoit Badiachelle is expected to know his first pick for the Blues. On his debut, Monaco will have to face a “Zlatan Lidl” who is nonetheless considered extremely dangerous: Marko Arnautovic. Benoit only hopes that a physical duel against the Austrian will not end in the same way that it did between Saliba and Cornelius last June.

In the best of the worlds

Ferland Mendy reactivates Madrid’s left connection with David Alaba, directing all his passes to the skull of the Austria captain.

Brokers: Mr. Middle-earth

Without Paul Pogba or N’Golo Kante, the 2018 midfield world champion would be on the ground. To lose the famous “Battle of the Middle”, our hopes remain with the duo Chwamini – Fofana. Twelve choices among them. Marcel Sabitzer’s 64 heads can shake. Fofana also makes a jump to the deep end. Let’s wait and see how many minutes he will remain in the park.

If only he could have known the same first choice as Michael Siani. 2-0 defeat to Spain in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, then Basta.

In the best of the worlds

The French midfielders don’t touch the box, they run like marathon runners in midfield and the team’s block regresses just 40m just to put a brutal pressure on the defence. In our wildest dreams, the lack of contact between the slightly sluggish blue midfielders and the constantly trapped defenders creates a ball-worthy white area in which Austria rests without swinging before scoring 2-0.

Attackers: A day without Mbappe or nothing

In the front of the attack, it appears that Mbappe is the leader of this attack. As for the other strikers, if Mbappe wins the image rights case, they will likely ask him for the right to shoot on goal.

In the best of the worlds

Our only chance of salvation to avoid 3-0 in the first half would eliminate all hope: a complete monopoly of goal chances by Mbappe in a form befitting his union, that is, bad. We also have to hope that Giroud has already activated his “World Cup” mode and will be ready to score close to 0 goals. We give the Austrian defense a ball for realism, and come up with something like a small 2-1 goal for Austria.

Let’s be realistic, it won’t be easy, but we’re optimistic about FFL. It is our duty to believe in it and give you some hope. After all, the union has to do its job now.

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